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Diagnose Odor Problems in Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Diagnose Odor Problems in Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Ever wonder what that smell from the drain is coming from? You run hot water down the sink, pour chemicals into your drain, and even try the garbage disposal for prolonged periods of time. No matter what you do, that smell will not go away.

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You shouldn’t let a bad odor deteriorate the quality of your home. To find a solution to that home odor problem; try one of these effective remedies:

The P Trap Problem
Odors coming from the sinks and washtubs are generally caused by a P Trap that is dried out. To find the P Trap, look under the sink to find that part of the drainpipe that is shaped like a “U”. Although it is has the shape of a U, it is often referred to as a P Trap. The small piece of pipe is designed to hold a small amount of water after the sink drains, which acts like a seal against sewer gasses backing up into the room. If it doesn’t have water in it, the gasses travel up the pipe into the room and then into the air.

When you do not use your sink often, the water in the P Trap can quickly evaporate. Also, if your plumbing systems are not vented properly then it can create the evaporation of water into the P Trap. If it’s the first cause, then all you have to do is to occasionally run water down the sink to refill the trap with water. If it’s the latter, it’s a bit more difficult to remedy but not impossible.

Install a Vent
Without proper venting, draining a sink may create a vacuum effect caused by the water that travels down the drain. Normally a pipe that goes up through the roof will let air in behind the draining water. If that vent pipe is not there or is clogged, it can cause venting problems.

Contact your local Jacksonville, Florida, plumbers to install proper venting in your plumbing system. A new vent will allow the air into the system but will not let fluid or gasses back out.

Drain Order May be Sludge
Some sinks have a thick bacteria buildup of sludge that is lodged into the section of the drain right before the P Trap. To manage this odor, remove the pop-up drain by giving it a quick twist and pulling up. It should come loose from the rod that holds it in place with a quarter half turn in one direction. Don’t force it. Rather, pull up on it when it comes loose. Then put it back by reversing these instructions.

With the pop-up drain removed, use baking soda and an old toothbrush securely taped to a wooden dowel with strong tape. The dowel and toothbrush should fit in the drain and go down as far as the P Trap.

Then scrub the pipe with the baking soda and rinse with hot water. Repeat the process until clean enough that sludge and odor are dissipated. After, clean the pop-up drain with the brush and baking soda. Re-install the pop-up drain.

If you’re still experiencing odor problems in your kitchen and sink drains, turn to the local Jacksonville, Florida, plumbers for assistance. Your family deserves a home that smells clean and fresh at all times and that’s what we can do for you.

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