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Diagnose Plumbing Sounds in Two Steps

Just like children, plumbing can make a variety of odd noises. From whistling, hissing, and belching, to banging noises, your plumbing can make them all from time to time. Determining the actual cause of the noise can be done in two easy steps.

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The first step to decoding the racket is to locate the source of the sound. The second step is determining if it happens when the water is turned on, or when the water is draining?.These are both vital questions that will eventually lead to the solution.

Due to the many noises plumbing can make, locating the source of the noise will determine the steps necessary to fix the problem. If the noise sounds like a whistle or hissing sound when turning the water on, it can be the cause of intense water pressure. When this occurs, the best thing to do first is to call the water supply company if a well is not present.

A water supplier will be able to tell homeowners if their water pressure is higher than normal. Installing a water pressure valve may be necessary. Often, the water supply company can install this device, which will reduce the pressure and eliminate the whistling and hissing noises of plumbing.

To properly evaluate the source of the noise if the water is supplied by a well, a homeowner may need to call a plumber. When in need of a noise diagnosis or repairs related to plumbing, Jacksonville, FL residents should only use a service that is reputable. Consulting with a reputable contractor will ensure a proper diagnosis and high quality repairs. Plumbing repairs can be costly, so having a contractor that is honest and provides high-quality work is a homeowners best bet.

If a loud banging or thud occurs when turning on the water, it is almost always caused by what is known as water hammer. This occurs when there is an intense build-up of pressure and pipes are trying to absorb this pressure. The pipes under intense pressure most often move and bump into materials that surround them. This is where the thudding or hammering noise comes from. Calling a service that provides expert solutions and repairs in plumbing Jacksonville FL residents have found is a simple solution to their water hammer problems.

A plumbing contractor can locate the source of the water hammer noises and install plumbing parts that will help reduce the pressure as well as noise softening devices for the pipes. It will basically depend upon the location of the pressure points, age of pipes, as well as the design of the plumbing system. If having an opportunity to have newer plumbing installed, it is often recommended that homeowners use modern water saving appliances and install a newer pipe pattern that will reduce water pressure noises.

Often the noises that plumbing is known to make are the result of faulty faucets, toilet fill valves, as well as problems on the draining end of plumbing. If chattering and screeching are present when water is turned on, the internal parts of a faucet may be faulty. Calling an honest and high quality provider of services in plumbing Jacksonville FL residents can have faulty faucets replaced professionally and the noises stopped.

A reputable plumbing contractor in Jacksonville can also make the determination if there are other issues that should be addressed while they are there replacing the faucet. Though a broken faucet is the cause of chattering and screeching noises, other plumbing noises can be indicative of a bad toilet fill valve. If hearing strange noises when flushing the toilet, the lid can be lifted and the valve manually lifted to see if the noise stops.

If lifting the valve stops the strange noises, the fill valve will likely need to be adjusted or repaired. When contacting a contractor who does plumbing, Jacksonville FL homeowners should inquire about having a consultation. If a homeowner knows the problem is the fill valve, a contractor can easily replace it for a reasonable fee.

When plumbing noises are the result of draining water, the issues are often easy to solve by attaching fittings that will insulate pipes. As mentioned, water can become forceful in pipes, whether the water is coming in or draining out. By installing certain fixtures on the pipes, the normal noises of plumbing can be reduced or eliminated. For the most part, most noises can be figured out by the two easy steps of determining if the sound is water input or drain-related. If in doubt ,when it comes to plumbing, Jacksonville, FL homeowners are better off when they contact a reliable plumber.