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Do I Need A Water Softener in My Home?

Do I Need A Water Softener in My Home?

Hard water is a common problem for many people due to the high mineral content in groundwater. The higher the level of calcium in your water, the more problems you may have because of it. Installing a water softener system in your home is the best way to deal with hard water and its unpleasant consequences. Do you need a water softener? Learn more about the various signs of hard water and the devastating effects it can have on your plumbing system.

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Signs of Hard Water in Your Home

Poor Tasting Tap Water

If the water in your home smells or tastes weird, this is a common sign of hard water. You will need to install a water softener to remove the excess calcium and magnesium from your water to make your tap water drinkable again.

Frequent Plumbing Repairs

Another way to tell if you have hard water in your home is the total number of professional plumbing repairs you are required to perform on an annual basis. Hard water is directly responsible for mineral buildup within your pipes and plumbing fixtures. A common sign that may indicate you need a water softener is low water pressure in your house. This issue is caused by a buildup of minerals from the hard water in your pipes. Investing in a water softener system will reduce the total number of clogs in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement.

Scratchy and Dingy Laundry

If your laundry never looks clean or bright, you likely need a water softener in your home. Washing laundry in hard water can cause damage to your clothes, bedding and towels. The tiny mineral particles in the water can shorten the lifespan of your clothing and other washables. In addition, the majority of laundry detergents do not work well in hard water. Softening the water will help save your clothes and other washables from an early death.

Soap is Hard to Lather

If your soap won’t lather up as it should in the shower, this is a clear sign of hard water in your home. Bathing with hard water will make it feel like you have a film on your skin. Are you running out of soap and shampoo too quickly? This is a signal that you need a water softener in your home. Since it is nearly impossible to feel clean in a shower with hard water, you are likely using too much soap to compensate for this uncleanliness sensation. Most importantly, hard water can dry out your skin and cause irritation from bacteria that is trapped in the dirt that doesn’t wash away. You will need a water softener installed in your home to ensure you feel cleaner and healthy.

Frequent Repair and Replacement of Appliances

Such appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and humidifiers that use hard water often require frequent repairs and have shorter lifespans. The minerals in the water accumulate and corrode the parts within these machines. You will need a water softener to prevent damage from mineral deposits to your appliances. This will also save you money that you would have to pay in appliance repairs and replacements.

Spending Too Much Time Cleaning

If you’re spending an excessive amount of time cleaning mineral buildup on your shower doors, bathtubs, toilets, or faucets, you need a water softener to help you combat the grime produced by hard water. This type of water system will help you decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning each day. You will need to invest in a water softener to prevent water spots and mineral buildup while also improving how your cleaners work. Eliminating the signs of hard water will save you time and money by ensuring that you use less cleaners and less water. Installing a water softening system in your home will usually pay for itself in about two years because you will:

  • Spend less money on plumbing and appliance repairs
  • Use less soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and other cleaners
  • Suffer from less skin dryness/irritation
  • Purchase less bottled water because you will be able to comfortably drink your tap water

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