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Jacksonville Plumbers Since 1969: Fenwick Home Services

Choosing the right plumber can be a big undertaking. When you do find the right plumber you Jacksonville plumbing suppliescan be sure that your plumbing needs will be taken care of without any of the extra stress or worry. Finding a plumber that respects your home when they enter it and always provides quality work is a necessity when it comes to your home and your budget.

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When searching for a plumber there a few things you will want to take into consideration. Aside from making sure the plumber you choose has the right licenses and proof of insurance, an important aspect to take into consideration is that the plumbing business you choose has a successful history in your local area.

Choosing a plumbing service that has been present in the community for decades helps you to be assured that they have been producing quality work in your community. If the work wasn’t of the highest standards then it is likely their business may not still be around.

Fenwick Home Services is one such company that you can trust when it comes to plumbing in Jacksonville FL. Starting in 1969 Bill Fenwick has been a large part of the plumbing community for over forty years. Bill and his family have worked with local residents and businesses to provide their famous “Golden Plunger Service”.

A true family business Bill, his wife and three sons have worked together to make their plumbing business a success.  Valuing excellent customer service and honoring ethics as they walk into a client’s home, the five have worked together to build a company that the local Jacksonville community can trust with their plumbing and bathroom renovation needs.

The business’s deep roots started in Bill and his wife’s home. The business grew quickly and moved from their home into a plumbing shop which included warehouse space in 1970. In just seven short years the family business had grown again and had to move into a larger location. This location on Beach Boulevard has continued to act as the families company headquarters for over 30 years now. In November 2013, Fenwick Home Services will be moving into an even larger space of 9,000 square feet.

In 2000, father Bill sold the family company to his son Bill Jr. Keeping the business in the family was important to the structure of the business.  Since Bill Fenwick Sr. retired in 2000 the three brothers have worked together to keep the business thriving, whilst continuing to always provide quality workmanship to their customers when it comes to plumbing in Jacksonville FL.

With Bill Jr. becoming the owner the two brothers moved into their own specialties. George is a certified master in tile setting and runs the remodeling division and Michael has become a state certified plumbing contractor. These specialties have brought even more value to a company that has always thrived on providing a full range of services to plumbing in Jacksonville FL.

The three brothers have a unique commitment to get your plumbing needs met as quickly as possible while still maintaining the highest level of plumbing service. Their large trucks carry all the tools and equipment they need so that there is no wasting your time running around town looking for parts. Not many other plumbing services can provide you with that guarantee.

From humble beginnings in a home office we have grown to offer many same day plumbing services including:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • All plumbing Repairs
  • Breaks, Leaks and Repairs
  • Water Heater Repair & Replacement

In addition to same day plumbing services we also offer full bathroom remodeling.

A strong history of success means that the family company will only continue to grow throughout our community, meeting the plumbing needs of both residences and businesses. Once you choose Fenwick Home Services, you can be assured that all your plumbing services will be taken care of quickly and with integrity.