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Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade

Ever hear the sound of water dripping but you don’t know where it is exactly? Fortunately, there are plumbing leak solutions that are simple, effective, and don’t cost much money. Most issues can be handled by oneself although on occasion you may need the help of a professional. Below is a collection of DIY tips to make your life easier should the day come when you must face a dreaded plumbing problem.

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Shower Splash Leaks

To DIY and repair this common shower leak, all you have to do is first look for any broken caulk lines. If water creeps out onto the other side of the frame, scrape off the old caulk and run a new bead of it around the shower to seal up any fractured crevices and holes.

The Dreaded Drain Leak

For this DIY fix, remove the drain flange and clean it. Put on a bit of silicone caulk after cleaning. You’ll also want to take out the rubber gasket located beneath the tub’s drain hole. Buy a replacement that matches. Install the new gasket where the old one was and reattach the drain flange.

Tile Leaks

In order to do a DIY fix on a tile leak you’ll want to remove the tiles, grout, or caulk in the shower. If the area behind the tiles isn’t water damaged you can reattach what you’ve removed. If the tiles are loose or if the wall is at all spongy the only solution is to install brand new backer board. After that’s been replaced just install new tile or fiberglass over it.

The Leaking Toilet

Nobody likes a toilet leak. It can cause water damage to the subfloor, joists, or even the ceiling in the room below.

To combat this and DIY, first you’ll want to reinstall your toilet with a brand new ring of wax. If it sits uneven, be sure to add toilet shims to correct the issue. If you see any bolt slots broken or the flange needs replaced then you’ll have to install with a new metal repair flange.

Leaks Around the Sink

No one wants to see their beautiful kitchen or bathroom countertops in ruin from water damage. To DIY and make the necessary repair, tighten the base of the faucet. Next, scrape away any old caulk around the sink and then apply a fresh coat. Lastly re-secure the sink to the countertop with the clips located beneath the sink rim.

Annoying Supply Leaks

These leaks can go unnoticed for ages, leaving the sink base rotting or causing damage to both the floor and framing. For a DIY quick fix, check to be sure the shutoff valve’s not leaking. If there’s a leak that won’t stop after adjusting just replace the valve. Next check the compression valve if there’s a leak near the faucet or if the shutoff valve is still leaking. Coat the gasket with Teflon joint compound before putting the connection back together again.

Drain Leaks Under the Sink

To DIY for a quick sink drain leak fix you will want to check the slip nut. Tighten if necessary. If that doesn’t work, take Teflon joint compound and coat the washer with it before reassembling. If the leak’s origin is the basket strainer, you’ll have to tighten the ring nut located beneath the sink. If the leak continues, remove the basket strainer and apply plumbers putty to the basket’s rim to solve the problem.

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