hvac & PLUMBING Repair Services

What Types of Air Conditioning Repair Services Are Available?

Ideally, you should get your air conditioner inspected and cleaned twice per year. To make it easy to remember, get your air conditioning inspection done every spring before the temperature really starts to jump. While in the fall, have an HVAC technician inspect your heating system as things cool down.

Fenwick Home Services helps with a variety of air conditioning repair issues. We replace compressors, evaporator fans, or condenser fans. If there is a refrigerant leak, we can fix it for you.

Fan problems usually happen because the condenser fan or evaporator fan has a problem with their belts, motor, or blades. You need both of these fans to work if you want to bring the heat out of your home and push cool air into your ductwork.

Compressors are the heart of any air conditioner, they pump refrigerant through the entire system. Because they consist of a lot of electrical wiring and a motor, they can break even if only one component is faulty. Meanwhile, refrigerant leaks are extremely common but are also extremely tricky to find. At Fenwick Services, our team provides air conditioning repair services that cover all of these needs and more.

The Top Five Signs Your Air Conditioner Should Be Repaired

Ideally, you should get regular maintenance and repair from air conditioning contractors each year. With consistent air conditioning repairs, you can keep your current HVAC system working as effectively as possible. If you do notice any of the following five signs, you may need to consider scheduling a repair or maintenance appointment with our team:

  • If you turn down the temperature and the climate in your home stays the same, the thermostat on your air conditioner may be broken.
  • When the unit runs continuously without stopping, it is because something is keeping it from maintaining the temperature properly.
  • Your air conditioner may be broken if you turn down the temperature, but nothing happens.
  • The unit is making funny noises or looks rusted.
  • If you have noticed your house seems more humid than normal, your air conditioning system may not be removing moisture correctly and may require a repair.

Trustworthy & Affordable Plumbing Services in Jacksonville, FL

In addition to our emergency plumbing services, we offer a full range of plumbing repairs, installations, and replacements for your residential property. Whatever your needs may be, our high-quality and affordable plumbing services are able to meet your demands. No matter what the job, the plumbers from Fenwick Home Services can help!

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to deal with is a plumbing emergency. They can be costly, stressful, and above all damaging to your property and your sanity. Fenwick Home Services offers affordable residential plumbing services for all types of plumbing emergencies. Our trained and licensed team provides quick, affordable 24-hour plumbing services so your major plumbing problem is nothing more than a day’s work. Learn more about our affordable plumbing repair services. Our certified plumbers near you offer services such as water heater repair, water line installation, drain cleaning, sink installation, toilet repair, and more.

Here a just a few services our home plumbers proudly provide:

  • Water Line Repair & Installation
  • Gas Line Repair & Installation
  • Gas Water Heater Repair & Install
  • 24 Hour Plumbing Repair
  • Drain Clearing
  • Toilet Repair & Replacement
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation
  • Tankless Water Heater Maintenance
  • Sump Pump Repair & Install
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Install or Repair
  • Water Softener Repair & Installation
  • Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement
  • Emergency Plumbing
  • Sewer Line Repair & Installation
  • Backflow Installation