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A plumbing leak of a drainage line or water supply line can be extremely costly if the situation is not fixed as quickly as possible. Extensive water damage can occur if the leak is allowed to continue dripping or spilling through a ceiling, or onto the home’s flooring. It is imperative to call a licensed and professional plumber to locate and fix a water leak as quickly as possible.

A backed up toilet can cause significant damage to the floor in the bathroom and surrounding area, especially if it is located on the second floor. Water damage and backed up sewers can cause substantial damage to the integrity of the home. Even if a leaky faucet or a dripping sewer line does not appear to be a major issue at first, left to its own devices, it can create serious problems in the house.

Detecting the Leaking Water Pipe

Sometimes, locating a water leak is very simple. Other times, it may be very challenging to detect the exact location where the problem resides behind the walls, in the attic or under the foundation. Leaking water, whether through a water pipe or sewer line, can easily travel long distances and reveal the leak at a location away from the original source.

Even if the leak seems obvious, such as a drip appearing at the bottom of a water pipe fitting, the sign of water does not always indicate exactly where the leak is happening. Licensed Bill Fenwick Plumbing professionals have the skills and tools necessary to determine exactly where the leak is coming from. Locating the problem quickly can eliminate many extenuating issues that could cause excessive water damage.

Detecting Toilet Leaks

Anytime a toilet leaks water, it can come from various locations. The leak may be happening at the fill valve located on the wall behind the toilet. It can come from the connection where the piping brings water into the toilet tank. The toilet can also be leaking through the bolt holes or seal that transfers the water from the tank into the toilet bowl.

If any water appears to be coming out of the bottom of the toilet bowl, it is likely a sewage leak. It is usually sewer water that is backing up through the wax seal located in the position where the toilet dumps its wastewater into the sewer line below. A toilet that has a broken wax seal, or other issues around or in the sewage pipe require the skills of an experienced plumbing professional to ensure it is fixed properly.

If water is continually running from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl, the plumber will likely need to replace the rubber flapper that has most likely become damaged or warped. Other times, there is a leak happening from the overflow tube that supplies water around the tank when it is being flushed. Sometimes, this means that there needs to be an adjustment to the flow to ensure that the water level does not reach the height of the overflow tube. Other times, it means that the problem is too severe, and the mechanical workings of the toilet need to be replaced.

More Serious Leaking Problems

Any leak in the shower, bathtub, or shower pan often requires the skills of a competent, licensed plumbing professional. These jobs tend to be serious and complicated, and require a whole host of specialized tools to correct the problem.

Anytime there is a sound of leaking water, it is important to attempt to detect the source. For any water leaking problems, it might be necessary to turn off the water supply to the entire home until a plumbing specialist can assess the problem.

Bill Fenwick Plumbing has been providing these services to the Jacksonville area for over 40 years. Our licensed and experienced plumbers can assess and correct your plumbing issues quickly. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

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