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There are two defining levels of individuals that are certified as plumbers. These include a professional, licensed plumber, and a highly experienced master plumber. Even though each plumbing professional has their own level of qualifications, the individual that has earned the certification of being a master plumber has significantly more years of knowledge and experience.

A certified and licensed master plumber is more than qualified to do their job. After years of apprenticeship, and working under one or more skilled licensed master plumbers, the individual now has the ability to undertake nearly any type of plumbing work.

Qualifying to Be a Master Plumber

While each state is different and has specific qualifications, there are basics that every master plumber must have. A master plumber will have numerous years of proven high-level experience. They will have already passed state plumbing exams to achieve this specific distinction. The basic qualifications of becoming a master plumber include:

  • The Level of Experience – In nearly every state, a master plumber is required to have between 7 and 10 years of hands-on experience that has been under the guidance and supervision of a certified master plumber.
  • Fulfillment of Exam Requirements – Either the local or state government will administer a plumbing exam that will include questions and answers on the practical application of installing and maintaining plumbing components.
  • All the Necessary Claims Documentation – The last step in the certification process typically involves the submitting of proper claims documentation. These will thoroughly back up and detail the years of experience that the plumber claims he or she has. This will involve a detailed affidavit that has been completed and signed by the plumber’s employer along with a detailed statement of all of the plumber’s earnings paid by the employer. However, every state has different levels of documentation requirements.

The Advantages of Hiring a Master Plumber

There are significant advantages to hiring a master plumber to do nearly any type of plumbing job. Bringing their experience and knowledge acquired through an advanced degree to any job can enhance work performance and provide better results. These certified master plumbers are given the duties to supervise the remaining staff to ensure that all of the local, state and federal plumbing codes are followed.

The overall cost of hiring a certified master plumber is not always at a higher rate than when hiring a traditional licensed professional plumber. Usually, a master plumber will arrive at a job site to perform their duties as a supervisor to other plumbers that might have less years of experience.

Selecting the Best Master Plumber

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