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Many homeowners take their plumbing for granted, until the time that the sink will not drain, or the toilet will not flush. However, there are specific components to any water supply and drain line system that must be maintained to continuously work properly.

The entire plumbing system involves a huge maze of drains, pipes, valves, faucets, and a whole host of other components that make up the complex system. When something goes wrong, it is always best to turn to Bill Fenwick Plumbing to handle the job. Improperly repairing or replacing a sink or other component in the house can easily cause more damage in the near future.

Our plumbing professionals have been approved by the plumbing industry to perform their duties. We have years of accumulated knowledge along with high levels of day-to-day expertise in repairing or installing any component associated with the plumbing system. Bill Fenwick plumbers achieve their licensing only by passing rigorous challenging exams. To maintain their license, they are required to adhere to all approved plumbing codes, guidelines and regulations, and bring their expertise to the job.

When Plumbing Does Not Work

The plumbing on the interior of the home is something that every member of the family depends on each day. Everyone in the household needs to have the sink drain completely, and the toilet flush properly. When unplugging the bathtub, it is expected that all of the water will quickly move down the drain. Any plumbing system that is not functioning properly can produce a higher level of risk involving costly plumbing repairs either immediately, or in the near future.

Sink Repair

Often times, sinks will not operate properly because there is a clog in the piping system that resides in the cabinet below. A build up of grease, hair, soap scum, or other types of debris can easily plug up a drain just below the sink. Sometimes, all that is necessary is to remove the sink stopper and use a drain cleaner to cut through the buildup below. However, other times, it is simply impossible to remove the clog blockage, even with a drain auger or plunger.

A licensed Bill Fenwick Plumbing professional has the tools necessary to snake out the entire drainage system all the way to the sewer line if necessary. They will also at times use a camera at the end of a cable to see exactly what the clog is, and measure its location to determine if drainage pipe repair is required. These tools can often help determine if it is tree roots or other penetrating components that are causing the blockage to the sink down the drainage line.

Other times, problems with the sink can be physical in nature. The washers inside the valves may be worn down, and are causing the water to bypass the valves at either a continuous run, or a slow drip. The repair often requires the skills of a licensed professional plumber that can either rebuild the valve in place, by installing new washers, or through a total replacement that involves the installation of a new faucet.

Sometimes, the sink is broken or damaged because of dropping something heavy on the porcelain finish, which causes it to crack and expose the metal below. Our licensed plumbers will quickly remove the existing sink and install a new one, using the existing faucet, or providing a new one instead.

At Bill Fenwick Plumbing, our professional plumbers guarantee all of the work we provide, along with standing behind the warranties of the products we install. The benefits provided by using our licensed plumbers far outweigh performing any project without one. Call us today for a free estimation.

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