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Mini-Split System Installation & Repair

Ever wish you could set each room in your house to a different temperature? Well, now you can. With a mini-split heat pump installation, you can simultaneously distribute warm and cool air. These mini-split systems are easy to install and operate, which makes them a trusted solution for homeowners and business owners alike. With the flip of a switch, you can help everyone in your house feel at home. We offer installation and repair services in areas of Florida such as Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine, and Orange Park. Contact Fenwick Home Services at (904) 217-5694 for immediate mini-split system installation or repair services.

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How a Mini-Split System Operates

There are two main categories of mini-split heat pump systems and various subtypes.

Let’s Review the Two Categories First:

Single Zone Mini-Split

Single-zone mini-split systems are installed close to the ceiling. An advantage of performing a single-zone mini-split installation is that you will be able to control the temperature of a single area with one indoor and outdoor unit.

Multi-Zone Mini-Split

Consisting of up to five units for an individual condenser, each system in the standard multi-zone mini-split functions independently.

Now Let’s Discuss Each Mini-Split Subtype:

Wall-Mount Units

Location: Installed on walls, higher than eye-level

Due to its versatility and affordability, wall-mount mini-splits are an increasingly popular solution.

Floor-Mount Units

Location: Installed on walls, near the baseboards
Perfect for homeowners who lack eye-level wall space due to windows and doors.

Ceiling Cassette Units

Location: Installed on room ceilings
Keep your heating and cooling system out of sight with a unit that provides evenly dispersed airflow.

Concealed Duct Units

Location: Installed on room ceilings, connected to ducts
Temperature controls one big room or several individual spaces with a system that connects to air vents.

For installation, be sure to contact a licensed professional to ensure your system is installed correctly.


Benefits of Investing In Mini-Split Systems

On the fence about mini-split heat pump installation? You won’t regret installing these innovative systems throughout your space. Some well-known benefits include affordability, flexible placement, and compact design.

Excellent for Unique Requirements

Preserve historic homes with ease! A single compressor manages temperatures for several rooms without compromising the home’s character.

More Efficient than Central Air Conditioners

A benefit of hiring a licensed technician to perform a mini-split system installation includes saving money on your utility bills and being able to customize the temperature in individual rooms in your living space. Ductless units with inverter compressors combine to minimize energy loss and reduce overall energy consumption.

Various Air Handlers

Mix and match units that blend with your home and meet the needs of your family.

Customize the Temperatures in Each Room

With mini-split systems installed throughout your home, there’s no such thing as too hot or soo cold. Simply adjust that room’s thermostat to a comfortable climate.

Superior Indoor Air Quality

Don’t waste time and money cleaning your air ducts. Avoid dust, allergens, and bacteria with ductless mini-split units.

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Components of a Mini-Split System

Typically, each system is composed of two parts: an indoor evaporator unit and an outdoor condensing unit.

Outside Compressor System

Located outside your home, this rectangular-shaped unit expels heat from refrigerants.


This component creates liquid from highly pressurized gas and delivers coolant to each indoor system.

Condenser Coils

A series of loops that absorb heat from the outside air and produce cool refrigerant.

Outdoor Fan

An element ensuring the condenser coils don’t overheat.

Expansion Valve

This device is where pressurized liquid freon is cooled again before flowing to the evaporator units.

Indoor Evaporator Unit

An indoor evaporator unit connects with the outdoor condenser unit to release air. This system can work with different indoor units or can monitor the climate of an individual space.
Evaporator Coils
When refrigerant flows through the loops of an evaporator and absorbs the warm room air, the coolant becomes gas and flows outdoors.
Extremely quiet, this element gathers warm air and distributes cool air into the area.
Air Filter
In order to effectively eliminate airborne particles, allergens, and dust, cool air is filtered before entering your living area.

Mini-Split Heat Pump Installation & Repair

If you need a flexible and affordable climate control application or would like a tune-up for your existing units, contact the qualified technicians at Fenwick Home Services. Since 1969, we’ve been a trusted provider for professional heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, and plumbing services. Book an appointment online or call Fenwick Home Services at (904) 217-5694 for immediate mini-split installation or repair services.

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If you need assistance installing or fixing a mini-split system, give our team a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to book an appointment.

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