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Water LEAK REPAIR & DETECTION in Jacksonville, FL & Other Locations

A plumbing leak is one household problem you shouldn’t ignore for long. Even if the leak starts small, it can escalate quickly and end up costing you thousands of dollars in water damage. Schedule a comprehensive water leak repair and detection with Fenwick Home Services to prevent water leaks before they happen and catch the small ones before they get worse.

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Reliable Water Leak Repair & Detection Services

Water leaks make themselves known in various ways. If you notice any of the problems listed below, contact a Fenwick plumber ASAP to make things right.

Common signs of a water leak:

  • Higher than normal water bills
  • Water meter readings that change when water isn’t being used
  • Chronic sewer backup issues
  • Running toilets
  • Dripping faucets
  • Spongy, soft, or discolored walls
  • Musty-smelling floors, walls, or sewers
  • Cracked or unusually damp foundation or slab
  • Warm patches on concrete floors
  • Mildew or excessively moist carpet


5 Common Types of Household Plumbing Leaks

Here are some of the most common water leak types to be on the lookout for in your home:

  1. Water Supply Leaks: If left unnoticed, this type of leak is capable of causing the most interior damage and decreasing your home’s value. They occur for three reasons: 1) pipes burst, 2) solder joints fail, or 3) tubes split. Pipes burst more frequently during the winter months when the temperature dips below the freezing point. However, it’s unlikely to experience freezing pipes here in Florida. Water flowing through the pipes freezes, causing them to expand and crack. Water line leaks usually create loud gurgling noises in your pipes.
  2. Toilet Leaks: This leak type is difficult to detect because they typically don’t make gurgling noises like water supply leaks. Although, big toilet leaks may make gurgling or hissing sounds. These noises occur when the flapper leaks or when the fill tube or toilet float undergoes damage.
  3. Faucet Leaks: While faucet leaks aren’t a huge cause for concern in terms of safety or water damage, they are one of the main sources of wasted water in American households. Faucet leaks also cause rust to form. Thankfully, faucet leaks are easy to fix. A simple tightening or replacement of the washer usually does the trick.
  4. Water Heater Leaks: Over time, a water tank’s seal can weaken, and parts can loosen. This leaves room for water to seep from the tank and wreak havoc on surrounding areas. Potential causes of a water heater leak include a faulty pressure relief valve, excessive water pressure, and a water temperature that’s too high. Keep in mind that only traditional tank water heaters can leak. Tankless water heaters aren’t at risk of leaking.
  5. Drain Leaks: Like toilet leaks, shower and bathtub drain leaks can be difficult to spot because they often occur in the section of pipe directly below the drain opening. You can know whether a drain is leaking based on the presence of discoloration due to rust and mineral buildup.

24/7 Water Leak Repair & Detection Services

From small water leaks to big ones, Fenwick Home Services has you covered with reliable water leak repair and detection services that are available 24/7. Book with us today to protect your home from costly water damage.

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