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HVAC & Plumbing Services in Atlantic Beach, Florida

Our team of HVAC technicians and plumbers provides repair, replacement, and maintenance services to help you keep your household comfortable. From furnace noises, refrigerant leaks, dirty gas burners, to water leaks, we have the tools and skills to resolve your issue. Give our team of licensed contractors a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to receive help with a heating, air conditioning, or plumbing issue in Atlantic Beach and other areas of Florida.

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Air Conditioner Repair, Installation, & Tune Up Services in Atlantic Beach

Without a doubt, the summer heat will come blazing into Atlantic Beach as it always does, and you will want to be sure your air conditioner is operating its best. The air conditioning contractors at Fenwick Home Services are standing by to provide you with top-tier air conditioning repair, installation, and tune-up services in Atlantic Beach and other areas across Florida. Whether it’s time for an upgrade or a tune-up, our professional, friendly technicians are just a phone call away.

Heat Pump Repair Services in Jacksonville, FL5 Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

Distribution of Warm Air

If you feel warm air blowing out of the vents throughout your home, start by checking your thermostat. Ensure that your thermostat is on the cooling feature, and set it to a temperature that is lower than the current temperature. If your vents continue to have hot air coming from them, there may be restricted airflow or a compressor issue in your system. Call the experts at Fenwick Home Services by phone at (904) 217-5694 to receive help with an air conditioning repair.

Bad Airflow

A common sign that your air conditioner needs to be repaired is a lack of airflow. When there is a blockage, it prevents air from moving through your home’s ductwork. Often the culprit is a clogged air filter or broken motor, however there are other, more serious problems that could be to blame. Call our team of air conditioning service technicians to see if your home is a good candidate for investing in an energy-recovery ventilator. This can help give your air conditioner the boost it needs so that you are getting the best airflow and most cooling power when you need it.

Hot & Humid Air

Florida can be extremely humid outdoors, but you shouldn’t have to deal with humidity indoors as well! When working properly, your air conditioner should moderate humidity levels within your home automatically. If your system isn’t keeping your moisture levels within a comfortable range, you may need to hire a licensed HVAC technician to perform an air conditioning repair service.

The contractors at Fenwick Home Services provide dependable and fast air conditioning services to houses in Atlantic Beach, Florida. We have the tools and experiences necessary to provide recommendations for services or replacements if needed. Talk to an expert today at 904-217-5694.

Unwanted Odors

Nobody wants unwanted odors filling their homes. Luckily, if the odor issue lies in your air conditioner, it can typically be fixed with a cleaning session performed by an air conditioning service technician. If the odor persists after a cleaning service, it is possible that duct cleaning will need to be done as well.

Continuous Cycles

No matter how warm and humid it gets, your air conditioner should go through routine cooling cycles. In the summer, you can expect your system to operate more frequently, however, you shouldn’t notice your system running on and off constantly.

If you notice a short cycling issue with your air conditioner, call a licensed HVAC contractor to receive help with a tune-up. However, there is a chance that it may be time to replace your unit all together. Call our team in Atlantic Beach, Florida to determine what the best solution is for your home.

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Furnace Repair & Installation Services

Just like air conditioners are needed to maintain comfort in the summer, furnace’s are crucial for the winter months. Don’t be left feeling uncomfortable when the temperatures drop past your preferred warmth. If you are having issues with your gas or electric furnace, the expert technicians at Fenwick Home Services are standing by to help! We offer trusted and convenient furnace services to households in Atlantic Beach and other areas of Florida. Give our team of certified HVAC technicians a call at (904) 217-5694 to receive help.

Furnace Repair Services in Atlantic Beach, FloridaOrdinary Furnace Issues

Squealing Noise

If your furnace is making a shrieking or squealing noise, it is possible that your blower belt is worn or out of place. If you have any familiarity with your system, you may be able to fix this issue yourself. If you notice there isn’t any damage to the belt, you can attempt to tighten it yourself, however, you will want to avoid over tightening it and causing more damage.

If you can see wear and tear on the belt, you can purchase a new one from a home improvement store and follow the directions provided in the owner’s manual. If you aren’t comfortable tackling this task yourself, give our team a call at (904) 217-5694 to learn more about the furnace services offered by the team at Fenwick Home Services.

Broken Pilot Light

Oftentimes, with age your systems’ pilot light will fail. There are a few different reasons this could be occurring, so it’s best to call a trained technician to diagnose the issue and perform a professional furnace service.

Furnace Not Receiving Power

This may seem silly, but if your furnace isn’t receiving power, it’s possible that your system has become disconnected. It’s worth checking out first to avoid creating more work for yourself. If your furnace is plugged in but it still isn’t receiving power, it’s possible that the circuit breaker tripped.

If the breaker controlling the furnace is off, flip it back to the on position. If it’s between on and off, flip it off first before switching it on. If it stays on, assume the tripped breaker was just a fluke. However, if the breaker trips again you will want to call a licensed furnace service technician to take a look.

Dirty Air Filters

It’s extremely important to regularly replace your furnace filters. Clogged filters not only restrict airflow, but it can cause your system to overwork, over heat, and shut down your system completely. Avoid costly repairs by maintaining a healthy schedule of replacing your filters.

Contaminated Burners

If the burners in your gas furnace get clogged, they can’t do their job. Healthy burners produce blue flames, if the flames are yellow or orange, this may be caused by dirt and debris. Additionally, if your burners contain contaminants, they may produce a very unpleasant and loud rumble as they try to ignite. Do you notice dirt or dust on your gas burners? Our team of HVAC technicians provides gas and electric furnace repair, installation, and maintenance services to homeowners in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

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Heat Pump Tune-Up, Repair, and Replacement Services in Atlantic Beach, FL

Heat pumps play an important role in the operation of your central heating and cooling systems. During the winter, they use outdoor air that is heated up to keep your home warm, while using heat to cool your home in the summer. Keeping your system maintained is crucial to ensure it works as it should when you need it to the most. Fenwick Home Services offer dependable heat pump tune-ups, repairs, and replacement services in the Atlantic Beach area. Call 904-217-5694 to set up an appointment with one of our professional technicians.

Heat Pump Tune-Up, Repair, and Replacement Services in Atlantic Beach, FLHow Heat Pumps Work

Simply put, a heat pump is an electrical device that extracts heat from one place and transfers it to another. Heat pumps have been used all over the world for decades. This type of heating and cooling system circulates refrigerant through a cycle of evaporation and condensation. The refrigerant is transported via the compressor pump and ends up between two exchanger coils.

Heat is absorbed from this location and transferred outdoors in a similar manner to how air conditioners transfer heat from inside the house to outside. Heat pumps can provide year round climate control in your home, helping to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. The staff at Fenwick Home Services offers affordable air conditioning and heat pump repair, replacement, and installation services to homes in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

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Water Heater Services

Water heaters are built to last for years and years on end, however eventually they will need to be repaired or replaced. If your water heater is producing little to no warm water, you may have a broken component within your system. Your gas or electric water heater relies heavily on a few main components including: a drain valve, heat-out-pipe, pressure relief valve, thermostat and dip tube. These parts can occasionally break, causing your system to not be able to produce hot water for your home. If the time has come to perform a water heater or plumbing repair service, give our team of technicians a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to receive assistance.

Reliable & Trustworthy Gas or Electric Water Heater Repair Services in Jacksonville, FLPlumbing Services

Our team also provides plumbing repair and replacement services for malfunctioning sump pumps, broken water lines, clogged drains, and sewer backups. Do you notice a musty odor or a hissing noise in your household? This is an indicator of a moderate to severe gas leak. The licensed plumbers at Fenwick Home Services provide gas line repair and installation services to enhance the safety of your house. Give our staff a call at (904) 217-5694 to discuss our plumbing services. We offer emergency plumbing services in Atlantic Beach and other areas of Florida.

Atlantic Beach, Florida Community

Wanting to spend some time outdoors without the sand and crowds of the beach? Head to Howell Park. Tucked away just off Seminole Road, you’ll find the perfect spot next to the pond for a picnic or natural trails for a bike ride or hike. If you’d rather escape the heat and humidity, consider visiting the Cummer Museum of Art. Located on Riverside Avenue in Jacksonville, the Cummer Museum is spread over numerous buildings overlooking the St. Johns River.

You can spend hours going through the art that dates back more than 100 years ago! If shopping is more your thing, visit Jacksonville’s Riverside Arts Market. It’s a gallery, farmers market, and flea market with everything from jewelry to health and body products you won’t find elsewhere. While you are busy enjoying the weather this summer, do not forget to perform maintenance on your HVAC and plumbing systems. The team at Fenwick Home Services will resolve your heating or cooling issues to reduce your stress during the summer months.

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