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Air Conditioning Repair Services

During the summertime, it is normal for your air conditioner to be running for the majority of the day. As the weather starts to get warmer, it’s time to get your HVAC systems fixed. We offer dependable air conditioning repair services to prepare your home for the hot months of summer with nice cool air inside.

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Our air conditioning contractors provide maintenance and repair services to homes in areas of Florida such as Fleming Island, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, and Orange Park. Contact a member of our staff by phone at 904-217-5694‬ or request an appointment online to receive assistance with a malfunctioning air conditioning system.

What Types of Air Conditioning Repair Services Are Available?

Ideally, you should get your air conditioner inspected, cleaned, and repaired twice a year. To make it easy to remember, get your air conditioning inspection done every spring before the temperature really starts to jump. While in the fall, have an HVAC technician inspect your heating system as things cool down.

Fenwick Home Services helps with a variety of air conditioning repair issues. We replace compressors, evaporator fans, or condenser fans. If there is a refrigerant leak, we can fix it for you.

Fan problems usually happen because the condenser fan or evaporator fan has a problem with their belts, motor, or blades. You need both of these fans to work if you want to bring the heat out of your home and push cool air into your ductwork.

Compressors are the heart of any air conditioner, they pump refrigerant through the entire system. Because they consist of a lot of electrical wiring and a motor, they can break even if only one component is faulty. Meanwhile, refrigerant leaks are extremely common but are also extremely tricky to find. At Fenwick Services, our team provides air conditioning repair services that cover all of these needs and more.

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Jacksonville, FL

Let Our Team Repair Your Central Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning contractors can help you maintain your air conditioner on an annual basis. During the repair process, they will remove debris from the side or around the unit as well as check to see if it is level with the ground. These routine air conditioning repair services may also include unclogging drains, changing the filter, and cleaning the evaporator coils.

The Benefits of Getting New, Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners

If our team of air conditioning contractors has determined that a basic repair will not help restore the functionality of your system, we will collaborate with you to find an energy-efficient model that provides you with a variety of advantages.

Air conditioning costs make up 12 percent of the average home’s energy bill. Having a highly-efficient unit will help lower energy bills while providing you with improved cooling capabilities. As an added benefit, a new AC unit will lower your carbon footprint, benefiting the environment.

The Top Five Signs Your Air Conditioner Should Be Repaired

Ideally, you should get regular maintenance and repair from air conditioning contractors each year. With consistent air conditioning repairs, you can keep your current HVAC system working as effectively as possible. If you do notice any of the following five signs, you may need to consider scheduling a repair or maintenance appointment with our team:

  • If you turn down the temperature and the climate in your home stays the same, the thermostat on your air conditioner may be broken.
  • When the unit runs continuously without stopping, it is because something is keeping it from maintaining the temperature properly.
  • Your air conditioner may be broken if you turn down the temperature, but nothing happens.
  • The unit is making funny noises or looks rusted.
  • If you have noticed your house seems more humid than normal, your air conditioning system may not be removing moisture correctly and may require a repair.

Air Conditioner Short-Cycling Issues

Short-cycling is a term that describes a central air conditioner that is rapidly activating and deactivating. A standard air conditioning system is engineered to operate in cycles that vary from 15 to 20 minutes. If your air conditioner is short-cycling, it will turn on and off every 5 – 10 minutes. The compressor of a central cooling system should operate a total of 2 to 3 times per hour. Does your central air conditioner activate and deactivate more than 10 times per hour? This is a sign of a short-cycling issue that will need to be fixed by a licensed HVAC technician.

4 Causes of Short-Cycling & How to Fix

Low Refrigerant Supply

Central air conditioning systems utilize a supply of refrigerant to remove heat energy from the air in your house. If there is a refrigerant leak in your system, the pressure ratings in the compressor are negatively impacted. Once the pressure near the compressor becomes too low, an electrical signal is sent to the compressor that causes the central air conditioning system to deactivate.

When the pressure begins to increase, the air conditioner will turn on. Unfortunately, the variation in pressure caused by a refrigerant leak will cause your air conditioner to become stuck in the start-up phase. The only way to fix a refrigerant leak is to call a licensed HVAC contractor to repair or replace the refrigerant lines. The HVAC technicians and certified plumbers at Fenwick Home Services offer dependable air conditioning repair services in Jacksonville and other areas of Florida. Give our team a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to receive help with a short-cycling problem.

Oversized Air Conditioner

It’s important to be familiar with the process of sizing an air conditioner prior to purchasing a system for your house. The two metrics that are utilized to determine the capacity of a central air conditioning system are British Thermal Units Per Hour (BTUh) and tons. 1 ton is equivalent to a total of 12,000 BTUh. If you purchase an air conditioner with a capacity that is too high, it will cool your house too quickly. This will cause your system to deactivate quickly. On the other hand, a system that is too large will not be able to efficiently remove moisture from the air.

If you have cold and humid areas of your house, this is a sign your central air conditioner is too large. The best way to fix a short cycling problem is to hire a licensed contractor to replace the oversized air conditioner. Fenwick Home Services provides efficient and trustworthy air conditioner repair services in areas of Florida such as Fleming Island, Orange Park, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, and Saint Augustine. Give our team of HVAC technicians a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to receive assistance with an air conditioner problem.

Contaminated Air Filter

If the air filter in your system is clogged with dirt or dust, this will limit airflow to your evaporator coils, compressor, and condenser coils. Unfortunately, the coils in your central air conditioner need a continuous flow of air to extract and release heat energy from the air in your house. The low supply of air will cause your coils to freeze. This will lead to issues such as high energy bills and short-cycling.

Location of Programmable Thermostat

The thermostat should be installed in a central location that is away from supply vents, windows, and appliances. Thermostats are equipped with a sensor that is engineered to confirm the temperature of the air in your house. If the thermostat is installed near a supply vent, the sensor will receive a large supply of cold air. This will cause the thermostat to believe it has achieved the desired temperature. As a result, the thermostat will send a signal to the compressor to deactivate the central air conditioning system.

Once the air conditioner is deactivated, the sensor will realize the air in your house if too warm. Unfortunately, this will cause the central air conditioner to activate and deactivate continuously. To fix this problem, we recommend moving your programmable thermostat to a different location in your house. Do not install your air conditioner too close to a window. This will cause your thermostat to believe it’s too warm in your household. As a result, the air conditioner will operate non-stop. To avoid a short cycling issue, talk with a licensed technician about the proper location for a thermostat. The HVAC contractors at Fenwick Home Services provide safe and trusted air conditioner repair services near you in Jacksonville and surrounding areas of Florida.

2 Causes of Central Air Conditioner Compressor Burnouts

Restrained Expansion Valve

The compressor of a central air conditioning system is designed to distribute refrigerant throughout each component of the system. Since the compressor is required to fulfill a demanding operational schedule, it is not uncommon for issues to form. An ordinary cause of compressor burnouts are blockages in your expansion valve. The expansion valve is a component that is integrated to the refrigerant pipe that leads from the condenser to the evaporator coils in your house.

Air ConditionerThis valve is engineered to monitor and adjust the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator coils. If a blockage begins to form in your refrigerant lines, the expansion valve will be unable to maintain a low pressure in the evaporator coils. This will negatively impact the temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator coils and the temperature of the air in your house. In some cases, a blockage may prevent the refrigerant from reaching the evaporator coils.

The compressor will begin to exert more energy to distribute refrigerant to the coils in your house. If you do not quickly eliminate the clog in your expansion valve, the compressor will overheat and burn out. Does the air in your household feel too warm? This is a sign of a clogged refrigerant line or a refrigerant leak. Give our team of trained technicians a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to discuss performing an emergency air conditioning repair.

Low Supply of Compressor Oil

The compressor inside a central air conditioning system utilizes a supply of oil to reduce heat and friction. In addition, the oil in an air conditioner is designed to prevent refrigerant leaks. Once the compressor reaches the middle of its life cycle, the oil may start to blend with the refrigerant in your system. On the other hand, the oil in your air conditioner may begin to deteriorate over time. As a result, the oil will not be able to provide sufficient lubrication to the compressor.

Once the supply of oil becomes too low, the compressor may start to overheat due to an increase in friction between parts and components. To ensure your compressor does not become inoperable, it’s important to hire a licensed contractor to refill the oil. Give the staff at Fenwick Home Services a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to receive support with a compressor burnout.

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Services in Florida

Through Fenwick Services air conditioning repair, you can get the annual maintenance and repair options you need. Like any piece of machinery, air conditioners will last longer if you take care of them correctly. Our team of licensed HVAC contractors also provides dependable air conditioning tune-up and installation services to residents in Florida.

From cleaning evaporator coils to detecting hard-to-find leaks, our team of air conditioning technicians can help you repair your air conditioner in Jacksonville and other areas of Florida. Contact a specialist by phone at 904-217-5694‬ to receive emergency assistance with a system repair.

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