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Gas & Electric Furnace Installation Services in Jacksonville, FL

Before the weather turns cold, we recommend booking a gas or electric furnace installation appointment with our team of heating contractors in Jacksonville and other areas of Florida to ensure your family is able to stay warm. While some furnaces can last for as long as 40 years, most furnaces will need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Give our team of skilled technicians a call or book an appointment online to receive help. We offer furnace installation services in areas of Florida such as Orange Park, Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, and Fleming Island. Call a member of our team to receive support with a furnace problem.

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Get the Right Furnace Installation Services

If you need a furnace installation, the heating contractors at Fenwick Services can help. As your furnace ages, its efficiency declines. Once you have to start dealing with more frequent furnace repairs, this is an indicator that it’s time to replace your system.

Our experienced heating contractors near you in Jacksonville, Florida can help with an array of different furnace types, brands, and options. We can help replace your gas or electric furnace. In addition, we can replace heat pumps and help with conversions.

Signs You Need a New Furnace

Furnace is Producing Odd Noises

One of the first indications of a problem is new, unexpected noises. A rattling, screeching, humming, or popping noise could indicate a problem. While some of these sounds may just indicate a loose screw, other noises may indicate serious problems like a damaged inducer.

Furnace Has Exceeded Its Total Lifespan

If your furnace is older than 15 years old, you may need furnace installation services. While some furnaces can last for 20 to 30 years, you should probably start shopping for a new furnace when you hit the 15-year mark.

Uneven Heat Distribution in Your Home

Your furnace is supposed to heat every room to the same temperature. As a furnace ages, it becomes less efficient at moving heat evenly around your home. Because of this, some rooms may be hotter or colder than the rest.

Frequent Repairs and High Heating Bills

A new furnace rarely needs to be repaired. If you are having to deal with more repair costs and higher energy bills, then you probably need to schedule a furnace installation appointment with the heating contractors at Fenwick Services.

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The 6 Questions You Should Ask a Heating Contractor Prior to Getting a New Furnace

Before you start shopping for a new furnace to install, you should ask your heating contractors a few questions. You should also figure out which qualities matter the most to you in a furnace prior. Once you know what you want, the heating contractors at Fenwick Services can help you with the furnace installation process.

  • How big should the furnace be? In the HVAC industry, a special calculation based on things like the number of windows, the amount of insulation, and the number of occupants can help you determine the right size for your furnace.
  • How do you measure the furnace’s efficiency? The AFUE rating shows how much of the fuel becomes usable heat.
  • What kinds of accessories do I need? Depending on your needs, you may want a humidifier, air cleaners, or an ultraviolet let for killing pathogens.
  • What types of furnaces can I get? You can choose to perform an installation for an electric, variable-speed, or natural gas furnace.
  • What kind of maintenance is needed? Once a furnace installation is performed, the system will require regular maintenance. You should get your furnace inspected at least once a year by a professional.

6 Primary Components in a Furnace

Draft Inducer Motor

A furnace utilizes natural gas to create heat energy for a home. Once the gas reaches the electric igniter, a draft inducer motor is activated to remove toxic gas from the furnace through a gas pipe. As the inducer motor reaches the end of its life cycle, it is not abnormal for cracks to develop in the vent pipe. If you notice dead plants or strange odors in your house, this is a sign of a natural gas leak. To receive assistance with a gas leak, give our team a call. We offer furnace installation services and have the tools necessary to configure a new furnace in your home.


A thermocouple is integrated with the standing pilot light in your gas furnace. This part is equipped with two miniature wires that are engineered to detect heat energy. Once the flame of the pilot light is activated, the thermocouple will detect the heat and will circulate a 24-volt electrical signal to the gas valve. Next, the gas valve will open and distribute natural gas to the gas burners and heat exchanger. If the thermocouple does not detect a flame, it will close the gas valve to prevent a toxic gas leak in your house.

Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger in a furnace is a crucial component responsible for efficiently transferring heat to the air that warms your home. When the gas valve in the furnace opens, natural gas is released into the heat exchanger. Here, it is ignited to generate heat. The heat exchanger’s walls absorb this heat, causing them to become warm. When the heat exchanger reaches the desired temperature, a blower motor is activated to circulate cold air over the warm surfaces, allowing it to absorb heat.
As the air heats up, it is then distributed throughout your home via a network of air ducts. The thermostat regulates the furnace, and once your home reaches the set temperature, the furnace cycles off. Importantly, the heat exchanger is designed to ensure the safe transfer of heat and prevent any toxic gases, like carbon monoxide, from entering the air in your home. If you suspect any issues with your heat exchanger, such as cracks, it is essential to have it inspected and repaired or replaced by a professional to maintain the safety and efficiency of your heating system.
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Pressure Switch

The pressure switch in a furnace is engineered to monitor the draft inducer motor to ensure it’s removing dangerous gas through the exhaust pipe in your system. The pressure switch is equipped with a miniature diaphragm that is designed to move when the inducer motor is activated. Once the pressure switch detects a vacuum, the gas valve will open to produce flames and heat for your home.

Furnace Limit Switch

If the temperature of your furnace becomes too warm, a high-limit switch will deactivate the gas to prevent damage to the electric igniter, flame sensor, burners, and heat exchanger. For example, if a clogged air filter is preventing cold air from entering the furnace, the limit switch will close the gas valve to prevent overheating issues. To receive help replacing a broken limit switch, give our team a call. We provide safe furnace installation services and have the equipment necessary to remove and install a new limit switch.

Gas Burners

The gas burners are a section of the furnace that is utilized to mix incoming air and natural gas to produce flames. The flames are used to create and circulate warm air in each room in your house. Depending on the type of furnace you have in your home, the natural gas and oxygen may mix in the area it is ignited. On the other hand, a large number of gas furnaces utilize a pre-mixer and are designed to mix the air and natural gas before they are burned.

Furnace Installation & Replacement Services in Florida

Whether you want a gas or electric furnace installation, Fenwick Services is here to help. Our team of licensed HVAC technicians also provides other heating services such as furnace repair, heat pump tune-up, dehumidifier installation, and heat pump replacement. Give us a call or book an appointment on our website to receive emergency assistance. We have years of experience in helping homeowners install new furnaces and HVAC systems in areas of Florida such as Jacksonville. To learn more about what we can do for you, call our team today!

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