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Heat Pump System Repair Services in Jacksonville, FL & Other Areas

In order for you to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you’ll want to get your heat pump system into working order. With the right heat pump repair services, you can fix issues before they become major problems. We provide convenient heat pump services in areas of Florida such as Ponte Vedra Beach, Fleming Island, Jacksonville, St. Johns, and Atlantic Beach. Give our team of licensed HVAC technicians a call at (904) 217-5694 to receive help with a heat pump problem.

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What Do Heat Pump System Repair Services Cover?

By and large, you should have heat pump repair services performed twice per year. Routine maintenance from Fenwick Home Services allows for you to keep your heat pump system in working order for as long as possible. The heat pump AC technician will generally go through a set process for inspecting and maintaining your heat pump systems.

Initially, your technician will inspect the air filter. Depending on how often you use your heat pump, you may need to replace the air filter every one to three months. Because a dirty filter can reduce your pump’s efficiency, the technician will most likely take time to replace it.

The technician will also need to check the refrigerant supply because refrigerant is what removes heat from your home. If there are leaks, the contractor will fix them. They will also replenish the refrigerant if it has become too low.

Your technician will also look at the reversing valve and thermostat after they have arrived for the heat pump repair appointment. The thermostat and heat sensors must be working properly if you want your rooms to reach the right temperature. Since the reversing valve is in charge of switching the heat pump system from heating to cooling mode, it is imperative for this piece to properly function.

How Does a Heat Pump System Work?

If you are looking for heating and air conditioning near you, then you probably want to know more about how a heat pump AC works. A heat pump system works to bring in hot air during the winter and cool air during the summer. It does this through equipment such as the reversing valve. Heat pump AC and heating systems basically extract heat from one area and send it to another based on whether it is winter or summer.

Even though the air outside may seem cold in the winter, there is still enough heat present for the heat pump to extract warmth from the outside air. In general, heat pumps work best in a fairly moderate climate. We provide innovative heat pump repair services in locations such as Orange Park, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and Ponte Vedra Beach. Our team of certified technicians will analyze the components in your heat pump system to detect the source of the issue. Give our staff a call at (904) 217-5694 to receive help with a broken heat pump.

What Makes a Heat Pump Unique?

Unlike other systems that may have an air conditioner to cool your home in the summer that is attached to gas, oil, or electric furnace to heat your home in the winter; a heat pump system is able to sustain your desired indoor temperature in both heating and cooling seasons. This is achieved by forcing your indoor air across a coil that either removes heat from your home in the summer or adds heat to your home in the winter by simply reversing the flow of the refrigerant through the system.

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What Are Some of the Most Common Problems With a Heat Pump?

If you are looking for heat pump repair services, then your heat pump may already be encountering one of the most common repair issues.

Not Enough Cool Air:

The air filter is clogged – when the air filter in your heat pump system is clogged, it reduces the airflow; reduced airflow will have a negative effect on your system, ranging from low air volume to overall poor performance. You can usually remedy this by replacing the clogged air filter with a new one.

Incorrect Cycling:

There are issues with the compressor – heat pumps heat and cool your home by transferring heat from one location to another; the compressor is a key component in that process. When there are issues with the compressor, there will likely be issues with your cooling.

Blowing Hot Air:

There’s an issue with the reversing valve – the reversing valve is the component that allows your heat pump system to switch between heating and cooling. This is because the reversing valve changes the direction in which the refrigerant is flowing. If the valve has gotten stuck in heating mode or in-between modes, your system won’t be able to cool.

Loss of Heat or Cool Air:

There’s a refrigerant leak somewhere – a heat pump heating and air conditioning system is required to have a specific amount of refrigerant in order to work properly. It is not uncommon to encounter refrigerant leaks in a heat pump system. If you do not call a professional on our team to perform a repair, the refrigerant levels will become low in your system. This will negatively impact the distribution of cool air in your living space.

Producing Noises:

When a heat pump makes rattling sounds, it is a sign of loose cover panels or hardware. Grinding and squealing noises may indicate a serious problem. If this is what is happening to your heat pump, you should immediately turn off your system and call a professional.

Fenwick Services Offers Superior Heat Pump Repair Services

At Fenwick Services, we have encountered a wide variety of heat pump systems and repair issues over the years. From routine cleaning to major repairs, our team of heating and air conditioning contractors near you can resolve your issue. Our team also offers trustworthy repair and replacement services for air conditioners, furnaces, and ductless mini-split systems. Call us today to find out more!

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