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Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, & Tune-Up Services

We know just how hot and humid it can get in Saint Johns, Florida. If you’re having problems with your air conditioner, our team of technicians has the tools required to replace your compressor or fan. We offer air conditioning repair services to households in St. Johns, Florida. Our staff will seal refrigerant leaks and change your air filter to enhance the efficiency of your system.

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How Does a Central Air Conditioner Operate?

Condensing Unit

Sitting outside your home is a large metal box called the condensing unit. Inside this unit sits a compressor that pumps out a cooling agent gas called refrigerant into condenser coils. Within the coils, the refrigerant changes to a warm liquid state. The warmth of the refrigerant is extracted by a fan as it is transported into your home to the evaporator coils.

Evaporator Coils

The refrigerant expands into a gas when it reaches the evaporator coils and its temperature drops. Next, a fan is activated to distribute warm air to the cold evaporator coils. When the air reaches the coils, its temperature decreases. Once the air is cold, the fan will distribute it to each area of your household through a network of air ducts.


The chilled air is channeled throughout your home’s air ducts to reach every room. After the cold air is circulated to each room, its temperature will slowly start to increase. Once the air is warm, it will be collected by the return vents and distributed to the air conditioner. This process repeats until the temperature on the thermostat is reached.


Your thermostat sensor measures and controls the temperature of your entire home. If the air in your household becomes too warm, the thermostat will send an electrical signal to the outdoor condensing unit to start the cooling cycle. The central air conditioner will be deactivated once the setting is reached again. If you’re having a problem with your evaporator coils or outdoor condenser, give our staff a call by phone at (904) 217-5694. We offer heating and air conditioning repair services to households in St. Johns, Florida.

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Furnace Repair & Installation Services

If you’re shivering inside your home during the winter, this is a sign of a problem with the thermocouple, gas burners, or heat exchanger in your furnace. We offer fast and safe HVAC repair services to homeowners in St. Johns, Florida. Give our staff a call at (904) 217-5694 to restore the flow of warm air in your household. Our team of licensed technicians offers repair and maintenance options for gas and electric furnaces.

Differences Between Gas and Electric Furnaces


When your home gets colder than the thermostat setting, the thermostat signals your furnace ignition system to begin the heating cycle. With a gas furnace, the pilot light ignites the main gas burner. Next, the heat energy in the flames is transferred to the heat exchanger and used to circulate warm air to each room in your home.

On the other hand, an electric furnace uses electricity rather than flames to create warm air. The heat from the ignition system of the furnace is blown by a fan into your home. Once the temperature of the air drops, it is collected through the return vents and distributed to the furnace. This process will continue until the temperature on the thermostat is reached.


Any furnace installation should be handled by HVAC professionals at Fenwick Home Services. To prevent gas leakage, a thorough understanding of furnace sealing and access to specialized tools is required. These traits are only possessed by the experts. Electric furnaces are also hard to fix.

The high electrical currents need to be wired meticulously to your home’s electrical breaker box in order to prevent fires. If you need help fixing a gas or electric furnace, give our team of certified technicians a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to schedule HVAC repair services in St. Johns.

Heat and Energy Efficiency

Gas furnaces can heat your home at a faster rate because they can get to a hotter temperature than electric furnaces. In addition, natural gas is also less expensive than electricity. Although gas furnaces have higher heat efficiency, electric furnaces have better energy efficiency. Electric furnaces convert virtually all the energy they produce into heat for your home to use. On the other hand, the energy efficiency of gas furnaces is improving with the release of new models.


Gas furnaces cost more to purchase than an electric furnace. The average cost of a gas furnace varies from $3000 to $4000. Once you purchase a gas furnace, you will be required to pay a licensed technician to safely install the gas pipes and air ducts. The total cost to install a gas furnace ranges from $1500 to $2000. On the other hand, the cost of an electric furnace ranges from $1000 to $2500 while the installation fee will range from $1000 to $1500. This doesn’t account for the fact that electric furnaces cost more to operate.

Maintenance and Safety

Regularly maintain your gas furnace and purchase a carbon monoxide detector for added safety measures. An electric furnace system doesn’t need regular cleaning or care.


Gas furnaces last 10 to 20 years while electric furnaces do for 20 to 30 years, as gas furnaces require maintenance to keep from breaking down. If your furnace is nearing the end, give our team of HVAC contractors a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to discuss performing a furnace or HVAC repair in Saint Johns.


Gas furnaces have a distinct burner ignition sound. Electric furnaces run pretty quietly because they don’t have a flame.

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Heat PumpHeat Pump Tune-Up, Repair, & Replacement Services

Your heat pump is what regulates your home temperature in spite of the weather, so you’ll need to schedule regular heat pump tune-ups in St. Johns to maintain its operational efficiency. Give our team of plumbers and technicians a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to schedule a heat pump repair, installation, or replacement service. Our certified technical team will replace your air filters, check for refrigerant leaks, assess the reversing valve, and inspect the thermostat.

How a Heat Pump Works

A heat pump extracts or transfers heat by distributing refrigerant (a cooling agent) through two heat exchanger coils. In the first coil, the refrigerant is changed into a gas at low pressure and absorbs the surrounding heat. At the second coil, it is condensed at high pressure and releases the heat. A heat pump is versatile at heating up, cooling down, and dehumidifying your home because its process can be reversed.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services

No matter what season it is, you will need hot water to clean the dishes, clean the floors, bathe, or wash your hands. Ordinary issues with water heaters include discolored water, rumbling sounds, no warm water, and water odors. If you’re having issues with your gas or electric water heater, give our team of emergency plumbers a call at (904) 217-5694 to receive assistance with water heater repair or replacement in St. Johns.

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Plumbing Services

Plumbing companies aren’t always reliable, especially in an emergency situation. If you’re looking for a trustworthy, hard-working emergency plumber in St. Johns that is able to handle sump pumps, water lines, drain clearing, or other taxing plumbing issues, get in touch with Fenwick Services by phone at (904) 217-5694 so we can take care of the problem for you.

St. Johns, Florida Community

Saint Johns, Florida has been the subject of notable growth over the last decade and is now filled with things to do. You and your loved ones will enjoy visiting quiet Rivertown Park for a picnic with a breathtaking view of the river. Want to get a group together for a pickup game? Veterans Park has 6 full-size multiple-purpose fields, 4 basketball courts, a skate park, dog parks, picnic pavilions, and a playground. Prior to planning your weekend, we recommend finishing chores in your household. If you’re having problems with your furnace, air conditioner, or plumbing system, give our team a call by phone at (904) 217-5694.

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