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Furnace Repair

If you’re experiencing noticeable odors, noises, cold air, electrical problems, leaks, or other issues with your furnace, then it’s probably time to schedule a furnace or HVAC repair appointment. Rely on us to bring back the heat and stop these problems from snowballing.

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Furnace Installation Services

Don’t wait until you’re sitting in a cold house in the winter to replace your furnace. Our technical team can install a range of different furnace brands and options to best meet your needs. Keep your family cozy despite the cold and book a furnace installation or HVAC appointment in Orange Park.

FurnaceTypes of Gas Furnace Ignition Systems

Standing Pilot Lights

Due to the latest advancements in the heating and air conditioning industry, furnaces with standing pilot lights are less common. This type of furnace features a flame that must remain lit constantly or else heat will not be readily available in the home. They consume a lot of energy and only use about half of the total energy they consume to produce heat for a household.

Intermittent Pilot Lights

A step up from its predecessor, an intermittent pilot light uses electronic parts to open a gas valve and create a spark whenever the furnace needs to switch on. It uses over 90% of the energy it consumes for heating. A furnace with a intermittent pilot light is more efficient when compared to a system with a standing pilot light.

Hot Surface Ignition Systems

As the most energy-efficient ignition system, Hot surface systems are made of superconductive silicon carbide. With their long lifespan and ability to heat easily with proper maintenance, they are one of the most popular ignition methods today. We offer trustworthy hot surface ignition and HVAC repair services to homeowners in Orange Park and other areas of Florida.

HVAC Repair Services & Plumbers in Orange Park, FLAir Conditioning Repair Services

Keep unwelcome heat and humidity out of your home with our expert technical team. Air conditioners should ideally be inspected twice a year for repairing worn parts and pesky refrigerant leaks. We can restore your air conditioning system to operate as efficiently as possible, saving you energy and money. We offer air conditioning services in Orange Park and other areas of Florida. Give our staff a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to receive support with an old air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Installation & Tune-Up Options in Orange Park, FL

If your air conditioner is broken, don’t stress about finding an HVAC team you can trust to install another one. We’ll get the job done right so your family can experience humidity and climate control, quiet operation, and lower energy bills. We also offer dependable air conditioning tune-up services to keep your system running smoothly. It’s important to schedule an AC tune-up twice a year to prevent inconvenient problems. Don’t wait for minor issues to become expensive ones: let us replace the air filter, check airflow, calibrate the thermostat, perform routine cleaning, and more at your next tune-up.

How to Choose a Proper Air Conditioner Size

Unsure of the right-sized air conditioner for your home? When determining your necessary air conditioner size, our technicians take into account the size of your home, your climate and location, the quality of your air ducts and insulation, the size and number of windows, the number of heat-generating appliances, and much more to get the perfect fit. As a homeowner, you can get a general estimate of the AC size needed in tons by using the following equation:

(House square footage times 30 divided by 12,000) – 1) = required AC tonnage

You can also plug in your home and cooling information into this calculator for an idea of what size you may need, but it’s always best to consult with our team of technicians in Orange Park, Florida. Schedule an appointment online or call us at (904) 217-5694 so we can resolve your problems.

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Indoor Air Quality ServicesIndoor Air Quality Services

Your home should be your family’s safe space. Despite this, it can be invaded by allergens, smoke, and other indoor air pollution that could chronically affect the respiratory health of your loved ones. That’s why our indoor air quality specialists are trained to install any type of air purifier: HEPA, HVAC, ultraviolet light, electrostatic, and ionizing.

Fenwick Home Services’ same day service and next day installation will remove unpleasant odors, (pet) allergens, dust, the airborne spread of germs and illnesses, and as high as 99% of airborne bacteria quickly and efficiently from your home.

Don’t fight this battle alone: call Fenwick Home Services in Orange Park, Florida to get ahead of this health issue.

Heat Pump Tune-Up, Repair, & Replacement Services in Orange Park, FL

Your home can’t stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer if you put off your heat pump system repairs. Our HVAC team will check your air filters, refrigerant supply, reversing valve and thermostat so you can rest easy knowing your home will be in good hands. Is your old heat pump not cutting it anymore? We provide professional air and water source heat pump installation services to homes in Orange Park and other areas of Florida. Reach out by phone at (904) 217-5694 to receive a superior heating and cooling experience.

Our expert HVAC technicians recommend homeowners get their heat pump checked out at least once a year to keep it running in tip-top shape. Our team will extensively inspect your coils, blowers, filters, and ducts in addition to performing routine maintenance so your family can feel temperature consistency throughout your home.

Heat Pump Tune-Up, Repair, and Replacement Services in Atlantic Beach, FL5 Ordinary Heat Pump Issues

When you see 1 of these 5 ordinary heat pump issues occur, perform a quick assessment to determine if it could be an easy fix. If it’s looking like it might be more serious, connect with a licensed HVAC repair technician in Orange Park, Florida.

1.) Absence of Warm Air

Is there hardly any warm air coming out of your vents? The problem could be as simple as the thermostat heat setting, the heat pump, or your home’s circuit breaker is turned off. Otherwise, you may have purchased an incorrect heat pump that is too small for your house.

2.) Distribution of Cold Air

If cold air is blowing, check the thermostat settings. Next, perform an inspection to confirm if frost is inside the condenser: frost should only take 10 to 15 minutes to thaw when hot air is circulating through the condenser. In addition, the distribution of cold air can be caused by dirt and contaminants. To restore the distribution of warm air, give our team licensed technicians a call by phone at (484) 206-8594. We offer efficient heat pump and HVAC repair services for small to large households in Orange Park, Florida.

3.) Inefficient Heating

If your heat pump is blowing warm air but the room is still cold, the system is running inefficiently. The air ducts, air filter, or heat pump parts could be dirty. Air filters require a change every 3 months, but if used a lot, it could be more often. Finally, check to be sure furniture is not blocking any registers blowing out air for circulation.

4.) Odd Noise

It’s ok for your heat pump to make its normal humming sound. On the other hand, it is abnormal for a heat pump to produce a rattling, screeching, squealing, and grinding sound. Loose parts cause rattling or flapping for fan belts. Bubbling noises can sometimes be heard with refrigerant leaks. If the troubling sound is not due to a loose cover panel that you can tighten up, turn off your heat pump and call Fenwick to diagnose the issue.

5.) Strange Odors

You most likely have mold growing in your unit if the air from your heat pump smells musty. If it smells rotten, an animal may be trapped in the system. For both these issues, contact the certified technicians at Fenwick Home Services to receive help. Even more concerning is when you smell something burning from your heat pump.

This could mean there’s a problem with the wiring or something is burning. Turn off your heat pump immediately and call Fenwick Home Services to assess the cause. Schedule an HVAC repair service appointment in Orange Park, Florida to eliminate the strange odor in your heat pump.

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Water HeaterWater Heater Repair & Replacement Services in Orange Park, FL

From doing laundry to washing dishes to giving your children and pets baths, a water heater plays an often overlooked part of your home life. Our plumbers offer both gas and electric water heater repair and installation services throughout the Orange Park area.

A water heater includes various pieces like the drain value, heat-out-pipe, pressure relief valve, thermostat, and dip tube. Consult our expert plumbers to discuss problems with your gas or electric water heater. We offer 24 hour plumbing services to households in Orange Park. We’ll give you a comprehensive breakdown of the next steps.

24 Hour Plumbing Services in Orange Park, FL

In addition to our diligent work in heating and air conditioning, Fenwick Home Services is dedicated to offering high-quality residiential 24 hour plumbing services for malfunctioning sump pumps, broken water lines, clogged drains, and gas leaks. Trust our fully licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers to get the job done right the first time. Give our team of Orange Park emergency plumbers a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to schedule a plumbing service with our team.

Exploring Orange Park, FL

Are you looking for things to do outside near Orange Park? Enjoy both the city’s downtown and nature with the Jacksonville Riverwalk. Your family is sure to love spending time admiring local flora and landmarks along the 3.25-mile trails. Landmarks include the Riverplace Tower, The Museum of Science and History, Jacksonville Landing, and the Friendship Fountain.

If you’re looking to catch a show with friends, we also recommend visiting Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts building at the St. Johns River State College. Prior to planning your trip in Orange Park, we recommend finishing your chores. If you’re having issues with your furnace or central air conditioner, give our team of technicians and plumbers a call by phone at (904) 217-5694. We offer residential plumbing and HVAC services in Orange Park and other areas of Florida.

Call us at 1-904-217-5694 for fast, reliable emergency plumbing services! Find your local Fenwick Home Services today for fast, reliable emergency plumbing services in your area!

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