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Step-By-Step Guide: 4 Ways to Recycle Your Old Air Conditioner

Step-By-Step Guide: 4 Ways to Recycle Your Old Air Conditioner

As with every home appliance, there comes a time when you’ll need to replace your air conditioning unit and get rid of your old one. But simply taking your AC out with the rest of the trash is not only the wrong way to go about it but technically illegal. This is mainly because all air conditioners contain some form of cooling refrigerant, which has ozone-depleting substances (ODC) that can destroy the ozone layer and assist in global climate change.

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In order to ensure you properly dispose of your air conditioning unit, we’ve composed a helpful how-to guide with steps on recycling your air conditioning system, as well as disposable options to choose from.

Step-By-Step Guide: 4 Ways to Recycle Your Old Air ConditionerProper Steps You Must Take Before Disposing or Recycling Your Air Conditioner

First things first, before you recycle your air conditioning system, there are a few things you should do to prevent harm to the environment. As stated before, many units contain harmful chemicals and components that are illegal to dispose of. Make sure you remove the following components from your air conditioner before beginning the disposal process.

Remove Panels & Doors

Remove any panels, doors, or covers from prior to recycling your air conditioning unit. This will prevent any small animals from getting trapped inside.

Hire a Professional to Remove the Refrigerant from the Air Conditioner

Before you recycle your broken air conditioner, contact an HVAC professional to drain all refrigerant or coolant in your unit. You can also call a junk removal service to haul away your air conditioner without needing to take the preventative steps.

Recycle Tanks, Pipes, and Hoses in the Air Conditioner

Recycle any tubes, tanks, pipes, or hoses in your air conditioning unit. These components must be separated from the system and recycled at a hazardous waste collection center. To find the nearest hazardous waste facility, contact your local government or browse their website for more information.

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Be Careful When Transporting Your Old Air Conditioner to a Recycling Complex

If you’re recycling your old air conditioner on your own, it’s important that you remain cautious when transporting the device. Moving them on your own can be extremely dangerous and cause an injury; you also don’t want to crack any refrigerant lines or tubes which can be harmful to the environment.

Ways to Dispose or Recycle Your Air Conditioner

1.) Bounty Programs

There are a variety of ways to properly dispose of your air conditioning unit. You can start off by first contacting your power company to ask if there’s a bounty program available. Next, ask if they offer pickup of old appliances in your area and discuss any fees or restrictions that may render your disposal process. Certain energy providers may even give you credit or a rebate on your bill for recycling an old air conditioner.

Step-By-Step Guide: 4 Ways to Recycle Your Old Air Conditioner2.) Localized Disposal & Recycling Programs

If you are self-disposing, contact your local sanitation department to receive information regarding federal or state regulations for recycling your air conditioner unit. You may have to take your unit to a specific disposal location and perform certain preventative measures including removing refrigerant and more.

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3.) Retailers

Another alternative way to dispose or recycle an air conditioning system on your property is to contact the appliance company that you’re replacing your old air conditioner with. Many appliance sellers may provide recycle and disposal services for your old AC unit when you buy a new one. They may even provide a discount on your new air conditioning unit or cash when recycling with them. When shopping for a new air conditioning unit, speak with the sales representative to see if they offer any pickup and disposal deals.

4.) Charity

Lastly, if your air conditioning system is still in decent condition, you can always donate the unit instead of recycling it. Search online for any charities, schools, senior centers, or places of worship to see if anyone in your area could use an air conditioning unit. When you donate to charity, you not only help those in need, but you also earn a tax deduction.

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