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Sewer Line Repair, Replacement, & Install Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Sewer systems and lines may be one of the least thought about home systems. Tucked away under dirt and concrete, these lines work to rid our homes of unwanted water and waste. When a sewer line issue arises, tending to it quickly can mean the difference between a small repair or a large repair bill.

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If your sewer line is in need of repair, contact the professional team at Fenwick Home Services. On call and ready to help, our team has the knowledge and skills needed to perform sewer line repair and installation services in locations such as Fleming Island, Orange Park, Jacksonville, and Atlantic Beach. Give us a call by phone at 904-217-5694‬ or book an appointment online to receive assistance with a sewer repair emergency.

Common Signs of Sewer Line Damage

Since sewer lines reside underground, finding sewer line damage can be difficult. Often, there are telltale signs a sewer line may be damaged. If you suspect an issue, look for the following signs that may indicate your sewer line is in need of repair:

Sewage Backups Or Blockages

Drain backups and blockages are common indicators of sewer line repair issues. If a backup isn’t limited to a single drain in your home and happens each time you flush the toilet or run water in your kitchen or bathroom, you may be dealing with an underground sewer line that needs a repair or replacement.

Noticeable Sewer Gas Odors

Sewers are built as closed systems and for good reason. If you begin to smell sewer odors, this may be due to a crack or break in the sewer line system and should be addressed as soon as possible. Fenwick Home Services provides sewer line repair, installation, and replacement services to homes in Jacksonville and other areas of Florida. Give us a call by phone at 904-217-5694‬ to receive emergency assistance with a sewer issue.

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Mold Issues on Walls & Ceilings

Has mold been popping up on the walls or ceilings in your home? Mold can be a sign of a cracked sewer pipe behind the wall. We recommend calling our professional plumbers to receive help with a sewer line repair. This will help avoid further contamination in the home.

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If you have a sewer line backup or issue, schedule an appointment with the licensed plumbers at Fenwick Home Services.


Slow Drains

If the drains in your home are running slowly, this can be a sign of a sewer line problem further down the line, such as tree roots or cracks in the sewer line. Avoid a costly sewer installation or replacement project in the future by having our team of professionals perform the necessary repairs to the sewer system. Give us a call by phone at 904-217-5694‬ or fill out our Contact Form to book an appointment.

Patches in Grass

Lush patches of grass can indicate a crack in a sewer line. Since sewage is a natural fertilizer, these lush patches can be a warning sign of a moderate to severe sewer line repair or replacement problem.

Indentations in Lawn

Cracked or broken sewer lines leak water into the ground around our homes. If you notice an unusual low spot in your lawn, this could be due to higher than normal levels of water saturating the ground beneath.

Foundation Cracks & Sinkholes

Similarly to the above-mentioned lawn indentation, prolonged cracks in a sewer line can lead to erosion of the ground around the foundation in your home, leading to cracking or the creation of sinkholes. If you suspect a sewer repair issue, it’s best to get it checked out ASAP to avoid devastating damage to your home.

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Septic Waste in Yard

Probably the most blatant sign, septic waste in your yard requires the immediate attention of a sewer line repair service. Immediately call our team of professionals by phone at 904-217-5694‬ to confirm the source of the issue. Sightings of sewer waste are likely an indicator of a cracked underground sewer line that can only be fixed by performing a replacement or installation.

Rodent & Insect Problems

Rodents and bugs find refuge in sewer lines and can make their way into your home through even the tiniest crack in the line. If your home has seen a recent infestation of rodents or insects, you may find your sewer line is the culprit.

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If you are having an issue with a sewer line on your property, book an appointment with our team. Fenwick Home Services provides dependable sewer line repair and replacement services in Jacksonville and other areas of Florida.


Causes of Sewer Line Backups

Your sewer lines are designed to drain waste materials and liquids away from your home. However, there are a variety of materials and situations that may cause a moderate to severe sewer backup on your property. While it is more common for a sewer line backup to occur on your property, a backup is also able to form in the municipal main sewer line on your street. To help you avoid the inconveniences of sewer issues such as foul odors and clogged drains, we’ve gathered a list of the top causes of sewer line backups.

Flushing Food & Objects Down the Drain

The most common cause of sewer clogs in homes is flushing food, objects, grease, and fat down the drain. To avoid an expensive sewer line replacement project, we only recommend flushing waste, water, and toilet paper down the drain or into your plumbing system. The most common objects that produce sewer backups include eggshells, kitty litter, cotton balls, condoms, paper towels, and pills.

Your sewer lines were not designed to flush grease and oils. Once these two materials are flushed down the drain, they become stuck on the walls of your sewer lines. This will cause the interior of the pipes to become sticky. Consequently, materials such as fat, meat, vegetables, and eggshells will become stuck in the sewer line and cause a blockage. Since obstructions will increase the pressure in your sewer system, you may be forced to deal with a cracked sewer pipe and a sewer line replacement project.

Integrating Gutters & Sump Pumps to Sanitary Sewers

The sanitary sewer lines connected to your property are designed to flush a manageable amount of wastewater and materials away from your home. On the other hand, the gutters and sump pump in your home are engineered to process a large quantity of wastewater.

Connecting your gutters and sump pump to your sanitary sewer lines may cause a backup since the sewer system isn’t engineered to flush an excessive quantity of materials at once. To avoid a costly sewer line replacement, we only recommend connecting your gutters and sump pump to the storm sewers.

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Fractured or Collapsed Sewer Lines

The most common types of sewer lines include cast iron, PVC, clay, and Orangeburg. All types of sewer lines are engineered to provide years of dependable service. However, all types of sewer lines include a limited lifespan.

Once a pipe reaches the end of its life, it will either become fractured or collapse. If you’re dealing with a water backup in your shower or kitchen sink, book a sewer line replacement and repair project with the team at Fenwick Home Services.

Pipes Are Infiltrated With Tree Roots

While trees may improve the ambiance of your property and provide shade, their roots are able to cause severe damage to your sewer system. Since the roots in the ground are attracted to moisture, oxygen, nutrients, and bacteria, they are attracted to the sewer lines connected to your house.

If there is a fracture or leak in the sewer line, the roots will infiltrate the interior of the pipe. Since a sewer line is filled with water and nutrients, the tree roots will grow larger and larger until they create a blockage in your system.

To avoid damage to your property, it is important to perform a sewer line replacement before the pipe fracture becomes more severe. Give our team of licensed plumbers a call by phone at 904-217-5694‬ to receive assistance with a sewer line repair.

Average Lifespan of a Residential Sewer Line

Cast iron sewer lines were the norm through the mid-seventies. If your home was built before this time, you can expect your home’s sewer line to last between 75-100 years, if properly maintained. Newer constructed homes use plastic piping which also has a lifespan of up to 100 years.

Some old homes may also have clay sewer pipes. While these can last between 50-60 years, if not maintained, tree roots can find their way into small cracks in the clay. As the roots grow, they can further crack and damage the line, causing the need for a professional sewer line installation or repair.

Sewer Line Replacement Process

The process of replacing a sewer line that connects your home to the municipal sewer system is no easy task. First, our team of licensed plumbers will utilize various techniques and pieces of equipment to confirm the location of the sewer line. Once we locate the pipes, it becomes necessary to determine the deepness of the pipe in the ground.

If the pipes are more than 5 feet into the ground, it will become necessary to obtain the necessary equipment required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to protect the lives of our workers. The equipment will be installed on your property prior to starting the sewer line replacement to prevent a ground cave-in.

Next, our team will contact a representative from the county or city to obtain a permit to perform a sewer line repair. Our team will communicate with local authorities to determine the location of underground utilities such as electric power wires.

We wouldn’t want to damage your electrical equipment throughout the sewer line replacement process. Our staff will collaborate with an excavation team if necessary while installing the new sewer line. Fenwick Home Services offers sewer line replacement, repair, and installation services to houses in Jacksonville and other areas of Florida.

Sewer Line Repair & Install Services in Florida

For more than 40 years, Fenwick Home Services has been your trusted plumbing resource. When you’re in need of expert sewer line repair and installation, contact us by phone at 904-217-5694‬ or schedule an appointment online. In addition to sewer repair solutions, our professional plumbers also offer other types of plumbing services such as repiping, water heater repair, and gas line installation. We’re here to help get your system back up and running quickly and efficiently. Contact our team today!

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