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4 Things to Avoid Stuffing Down the Drain on Thanksgiving

4 Things to Avoid Stuffing Down the Drain on Thanksgiving

The holiday season is right around the corner and soon our homes will be filled with the food, family, and friends that we love. We all know the best way to relax around the holidays is to prepare ahead of time, especially in the kitchen! The sink is a focal part of Thanksgiving, and a clogged drain is the last thing you want to deal with when you’re in a turkey coma. So take one thing off your checklist this Thanksgiving, avoid putting these four things down your drain:

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1. Utensils
If we know anything about holidays in the kitchen, it’s that a lot of loved ones also equals a lot of dishes. With so many plates of all shapes and sizes stacked by your sink, it’s easy for a stray utensil to slip right into the drain. These tiny objects can not only clog your sink, but wear down the garbage disposal blades as well. Avoid this inconvenience by sectioning silverware and plates by size first, and keeping the drain stopper in place while you’re washing.

2. Food scraps
Stuffing is for the table, not the drain. Make sure all the excess food makes it into the garbage before cleaning commences to ensure a stress-free night with no visits from the plumber. Things to keep in mind: String foods like onions, corn husks, celery, and asparagus can spiral around the garbage disposal ring and prevent waste from being disposed properly. Eggshells and coffee grounds are also honorable mentions, as they can accumulate at the bottom of the drain and clog your sink over time. Making sure all food scraps stay on the sidelines this Thanksgiving will definitely add a few more hours to your holiday.

  1. 3. Grease
    After a long day, the last thing you want to do is deal with the massive amounts of turkey grease left over from your feast. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for grease disposal, none of which include going down your sink drain. When you pour turkey (or any kind) of grease down the sink, the fats in the grease and oil from your kitchen combine with the other chemicals in the sewers and form nasty build-ups the block pipes.

According to a recent review of the subject,  47% of the 36,000 sewer overflows that happen annually in the U.S take place from grease or oil buildups in drains. But we’re here to unclog this situation. A popular alternative is allowing grease or oil to freeze overnight in order to solidify and be disposed of the next day. Another way to get rid of oil is putting the liquid in a large jar, or a few small ones, and throwing it away in your regular garbage. Don’t forget: You can reuse grease, compost most vegetable oils, and recycle both in sealed containers!

4. Paper or Plastic 
During holidays especially there are paper towels, decorations, and bags for leg-overs strewn about everywhere. It is crucial that you always be cautious about anything that will not break down in the sink, such as paper or plastic materials that will clog your pipes. It’s all too easy for a napkin or paper towel to get stuck to a finished plate and get wedged between other dirty dishes. Paper towels especially are designed to stay together when wet, and absorb moisture, so it often takes too long to break down in the sewer system, and can cause sewage blockages. Make sure the people around you know the damages these materials can cause to your plumbing system.

Keep your Thanksgiving stress & clog-free this season by being aware of the above sink-hazards. Make sure you have a plan of attack when it comes to after-dinner clean up and always check the sink before you start the cleaning process. Start saving empty containers now so that when the big day comes around, you have places to put all that turkey grease (just make sure it cools down first). Keep these tips in mind, so you can avoid a clogged drain this Thanksgiving.

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