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5 Facts About Bathroom Remodeling

5 Facts About Bathroom Remodeling

Nothing can bring down the value of your Jacksonville, Florida home like a bathroom that gives you the blues. Yet it can be surprising how often we choose to live with inadequate storage or permanently stained porcelain because renovation seems like too much trouble. If you are making do with an un-restful restroom just because you are worried about the hassle of making needed improvements, it may be time to reconsider a bathroom remodel. With the right kind of help from Fenwick Home Services, you can be relaxing in the lap of luxury for far less time and trouble than you expected.

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Here are a few facts to consider as you begin one of the most common and worthwhile home improvement projects you may ever undertake.

First of all, it’s a great investment

A properly planned bathroom remodel may be one of the best investments you can make for your home. Not only will your restroom be more comfortable and functional, but a bathroom remodel can recoup as much as 60% or more of its cost in your home’s resale value. Even small renovations such as improved lighting and surface refinishing can add great value.

You can do some of the work yourself

You can save on expenses by doing some of the work, just be sure to brutally asses your comfort zone when taking on any task. If you are in doubt, it’s best to defer to the experts to prevent unforeseen problems. Sadly, some homeowners attempting a complete a DIY remodel can find themselves neck deep in a project that they don’t have time to complete or is unrealistic according to the layout and plumbing of the room.

In addition, an expert can make sure that you are up to date with your area’s building codes. You might be surprised by some of the requirements. Failure to ensure that your improvements are up-to-code can cause difficulty with resale and even harm the value of your home instead of helping it. The pros at Fenwick Home Services have the knowledge and skills to get you through this aspect of your plan with complete ease.

Cutting corners probably won’t save money

Attempting to engage in short term cost-cutting by buying bargain merchandise that doesn’t precisely fit your needs or products that aren’t durable can end up causing pain down the road. That long counter top may seem like a good deal at the store, but you may end up spending more than you bargained for if you are forced to rearrange plumbing to accommodate it.

The details you don’t always notice count too

Your bathroom is more than just the toilet, sink and shower. Here are some lesser-noticed details that, while they may not be first on your list, are worthy of consideration as well.

  • Water efficiency: Modern designs can be water-efficient and just as functional, if not more so, than the older style water-wasting fixtures. A small additional cost now can benefit both the environment and your water bill in the long run.
  • Ventilation: If needed, upgraded ventilation is a very valuable improvement as the humidity in Jacksonville, Florida is one of the worst culprits for long-term structural wear, not to mention mold and mildew damage. The importance of this one small, seldom noticed feature cannot be stressed strongly enough.
  • Future flexibility: While it may not cross your mind as an immediate need, universal design features such as a larger shower with a low threshold and built-in seat can be handy both now and as a built-in safety feature for older occupants. Taking these factors into consideration now will reduce the need for later renovations and add years of usefulness to your fixtures.

Planning is everything

The benefits of a bathroom remodel can be completely undermined without proper preparation, and instead become a serious source of both financial and emotional stress. Consider the goal you are working toward and build a detailed outline of what is most important to you. Make a list with your contractor of the details that you are willing to compromise, should they prove necessary, and those that are absolute deal breakers. Once you have your detailed plan, stick to it. Changing directions in the middle of a remodel can result in significant additional expenses. While the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray, this is one area where your contractor can help you stay on track.

Additional tip

Be sure to have an additional budget set aside for newly discovered problems. For instance, the underlayment may show water damage or certain pipes may require replacement. Allowing a significant pad in your budget to handle unforeseen repairs will take the worry out of your work and ensure that your process does not get derailed by unexpected expenses.