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9 Reasons Your Heat Pump Is Not Turning On

9 Reasons Your Heat Pump Is Not Turning On

If your heat pump is not turning on, you will not have the warm and cool air you need for year-round home comfort. Once you run into this issue, call a licensed HVAC technician in your area for help. We have created a list of tips to help you become familiar with what a heat pump is, why it won’t turn on, and how to identify other common heat pump issues.

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What Is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are a more efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners that use electricity to transfer warm and cool air between the indoors and outdoors. During cold months, a heat pump transfers heat from the cool outside air into your home. During hot months, a heat pump emits indoor heat outside. Furnaces and air conditioners create warm and cool air while a heat pump transfers air.

Why Is My Heat Pump Not Turning On?

Check out the main reasons why your heat pump won’t turn on:

1. Thermostat Issues

Before checking for problems with your outdoor unit, make sure you set your thermostat to the correct temperature to signal the heat pump to turn on. If it’s set correctly, your thermostat might have one of the following issues:

  • Incompatible with the heat pump
  • Wired incorrectly
  • Sends incorrect signals to the heat pump
  • Set in emergency heat mode

2. Power Switches

If the thermostat isn’t causing problems, the power switch might be the culprit. A heat pump won’t turn on if the power switch is deactivated. If the power switch is in off mode, flip it on to resolve the issue.

3. Tripped Circuit Breakers

When circuit breakers trip, the heat pump won’t turn on. To fix a tripped circuit breaker, try turning it off and on again.

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4. Malfunctioning System Components

If you don’t discover any of the above issues, you might have a problem with one or more of your system’s internal components. If one part malfunctions, it affects the whole system and can result in the heat pump not turning on at all. Contact a Fenwick technician to perform any necessary part repairs or replacements.

5. Reversing Valve

The reversing valve moves the refrigerant—the system’s cooling liquid—in the direction it’s supposed to go. If this part malfunctions, the heat pump might not turn on and, thus, won’t heat and cool your home properly.

6. Start Capacitor

The start capacitor signals the motors and turns the heat pump on. A malfunctioning start capacitor can’t signal the motors to start running. Unfortunately, a heat pump won’t turn on without a working motor.

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7. Time Delay Relay

The time delay relay feature is a timer that keeps your heat pump system from constantly turning on and off throughout the day. If your heat pump is not turning on, this is a sign the time delay relay feature is stuck in the timer mode.

8. Frozen System

Since you install a heat pump on the exterior of your home, its parts can be susceptible to freezing during the cold winter months. Any frozen parts will cause other parts to malfunction, and the heat pump won’t turn on.

9. Leaks

Leaky parts allow refrigerant to escape from the system. If your heat pump won’t turn on, this is an indicator of a low amount of refrigerant in your system.


Types of Heat Pump Issues

Even if your heat pump turns on, you might run into one of these issues:

No Warm Air

Heat pumps exist to provide warm air indoors. When they don’t serve this purpose, there’s a problem with your system. You can perform some maintenance checks yourself—such as checking the thermostat setting and the circuit breaker box—but have a professional assess the situation if it’s anything more serious.

Distributing Cold Air

A malfunctioning compressor, reversing valve, or refrigerant can cause your heat pump to blow cool air instead of warm air. To fix this problem, start by checking if the system is set to heat mode. Other solutions include cleaning the system, resetting the thermostat, and servicing parts.

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Insufficient Heating

Sometimes your heat pump will provide warm air, just not enough of it. Two possible causes include dirty or blocked components that prevent proper airflow throughout the system and your home. If either of those causes is the culprit, simply clean or replace the parts or remove items blocking the system.

Weird Noises

Heat pumps will always make a noticeable humming noise, but excessive or odd noises are your sign that there’s an underlying problem you need to fix. Loose or broken components and refrigerant leaks can cause this noise problem. You can tighten any loose parts, but it’s best to contact an HVAC technician to address any other issues.

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Heat Pump Repair & Installation Services

When your heat pump will not turn on, you should call a professional on our team to resolve the issue. Our team of technicians offer innovative heat pump repair and heat pump installation services to homes in Jacksonville and other areas in Florida. In addition, our contractors offer other types of HVAC services such as furnace repair, whole-house dehumidifier replacement, and furnace installation. Don’t wait to fix an issue with your heating system. Give our team of technicians a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 to receive assistance with a malfunctioning heat pump or heating system.