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Dispelling 7 Common Plumbing Myths

Dispelling 7 Common Plumbing Myths

Since we use water everyday, it’s very important to understand a little more about all the pipes in our homes that carry the water we need for drinking, bathing, and more. Unfortunately, there are a lot ofmisconceptions about plumbing that can cause unnecessary damage. Let’s discuss the most common plumbing myths and dispel them.

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Myth: A lemon rind will clean your garbage disposal.

Fact: Although a lemon rind will help get rid of many of the weird smells coming from your sink, it won’t actually clean it. To adequately clean your garbage disposal, use a brush, soap, and warm water. Always unplug the garbage disposal or shut off its power source before cleaning.

Myth: Turning on the hot water and running the garbage disposal will flush all waste down the drain.

Fact: Hot water isn’t a good idea; it can liquefy the fat and grease that may be lurking in your garbage disposal and then wash it into your pipes, where it can harden and cause blockages. Always use cold water to avoid this problem. Also, running water will not flush everything away—cooked rice, eggshells, banana peels, and spaghetti are other things that you don’t want going down the garbage disposal. They can cause damage and create clogs.

Myth: Tighten the faucet handles as hard as you can to completely shut off the water.

Fact: The tighter the faucet handles get, the faster they’ll wear out and eventually leak. Over-tightening can lead to damaging the taps of many of your plumbing essentials, including sink taps, bath taps, and outside garden taps.

Myth: If there are no problems with draining water in a tub, sink, or shower, the drain is in perfect working order.

Fact: Many plumbing problems build over time due to lack of maintenance. A sudden blockage might seem out of the blue to you, but actually the problem has been steadily building without your knowledge. Maintain your drains by regularly using an anti-blockage chemical in your drains and always using a drain filter to prevent non-perishable substances, such as hair, from going down the drain.

Myth: If the toilet is blocked in any way, a plunger will always solve the problem.

Fact: Sometimes accidents happen, especially with kids, and you might find that a small item has lodged itself in your toilet bowl. Using a plunger can actually worsen the blockage by pushing it further down the pipe. Instead, try to hook out the object with your hand or a wire hook.

Myth: Home plumbing systems don’t need to be maintained.

Fact: Everything in your home, including your plumbing system, needs regular maintenance and repair. It’s always better to maintain and fix any small problems that crop up instead of scrambling to repair a huge leak. Make it a habit to inspect and maintain your plumbing, from your sinks to your toilets. A good plumber can help you maintain your plumbing system and assist you in catching any potential problems before they turn into bigger ones.


Myth: A plumber is a plumber is a plumber. They’re all the same.

Fact: Unfortunately, many plumbers do not take the initiative to stay up-to-date with what is new with plumbing advances and trends. Choose a plumbing service that is trustworthy, professional, and knowledgeable, such as Fenwick Home Services, to make sure your home is in good hands.

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