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Camera Helps Customer Find Wedding Ring in Plumbing

Recently we received a call from a customer with a somewhat odd question, she had unfortunately knocked her wedding ring in the toilet and it went down the complicated drain of her apartment complex. She obviously was trying everything she could do to fish it out but luckily for her she called us for some help as well. We were able to use our specialized camera and send it down the pipes to fish out the customer’s wedding ring successfully.

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The Camera is very efficient for locating clogs and problems in your drainage system so we can adequately remove the clog or fix the problem. Typically when there is a drain that is repeatedly getting clogged after being snaked periodically, we can use this specialized camera to investigate further and see if there is a problem with roots growing through the pipes or a number of other problems. But this is not its only use obviously, the customer we were able to help with this service was more than excited we were able to retrieve her ring. Also this opens the door to a whole new field of uses for our camera, I can think of multiple things that slide down the drain or get flushed in the toilet that the camera is able to search around for and hopefully retrieve. Items such as a key, earrings, and of course wedding rings.

At Fenwick Home Services we are more than eager to help our customers in any way possible, and we attempt to approach all problems with an open and creative mind so we are constantly moving forward and exploring new ideas. This experience with our friend Brittany Sanford and her ring just goes to show how our creativity and determination prevails once again in the plumbing industry. Brittany told us, “Thank you so much again for being so patient and determined to get my ring” after the ordeal was over, but when all is said and done Fenwick Home Services is glad we could help.

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