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Gen Eye Camera Benefits


Surveillance cameras have been getting a lot of negative publicity lately, but for the plumbing industry and their customers, they have become a valuable tool. Proper use, in the hands of a qualified plumber can save consumers time and money while delivering some incredible results.

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One of the most common uses for these miniature, waterproof cameras is to help plumbers locate missing valuables that may have been flushed down a drain. It happens more than you might think. Diamond rings slip off fingers while doing dishes or are accidentally dropped into the sink and down the drain. The Gen Eye Camera is compact enough to fit down the drain and through the pipes and send a clear picture of what might be caught in the trap below the sink. In a matter of seconds, objects can be located before tearing apart drains randomly in search of a ring, earring or any other small valuable.

Water Leaks

That’s only a small part of the picture. Imagine having a water leak from an undiscovered source is somewhere between the walls or in a ceiling. In the past, entire wall sections had to be removed in search of the leak. That leak could originate in an upper floor, but there was no way of knowing for certain until walls were opened. With a miniature camera, only a tiny hole is needed to insert the camera, or depending on the circumstance, a tiny camera could be inserted into the pipe, which would allow it to send a clear picture of the source of the leak and make repairs much simpler.

Tree roots can cause major drainage problems and consequently result in sewer backups. Once again, cameras can be employed to find the exact location of the roots, which eliminates the need to excavate the entire yard in search of the problem. Any hard to reach area can be explored with minimal effort. Areas under concrete slabs can be explored in similar fashion, as can heating vents and hard to reach corners of your plumbing or mechanical components.

Busted Pipes

What are the signs of a busted pipe? If you hear bubbling noises when you flush a toilet or use a sink, you may have a broken pipe. The same can be said if you hear whistling noises. That can indicate a bent pipe that restricts the flow of water. These are problems that can be checked out by a company who does plumbing repairs in Jacksonville, preferably a plumber with a camera.

Defective Piping

Miniature cameras are used to inspect pipes in search of defects or stress points that are vulnerable to future damage. A good example is the roots that form in the sewer lines. If, or when, tree roots appear, it indicates that somewhere in your line there is a crack through which the roots have penetrated. You can have the roots removed, but they will eventually grow back until that crack is located and repaired. A camera allows you to discover the exact location of those cracks and repair the line. At that spot. The alternative is to dig up and replace the entire sewer line which is not only costly, it is a messy alternative. A camera in the hands of a trained technician is a marvelous device and should be expected from a qualified plumber.

Fenwick Home Services Company fits the bill. Since its beginnings in 1969, the company has provided expert plumbing repairs in Jacksonville and its suburbs. They are a complete plumber and can be counted on for basic plumbing like faucet repairs as well as the most complex residential or commercial project. They can replace pipes or clean drains and pipes. They offer a complete septic tank repair and replacement service. You can count on Bill Fenwick to install your new dishwasher and garbage disposal as well as to replace your water heater with a conventional model or a new generation tankless heater.

If your bathroom is dated, Bill Fenwick can remodel it completely and bring it up to date and more functional for the entire family. This is one home remodel project that will increase the value and appeal of your home.