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How Leaking Plumbing Fixtures Are Costing You Money

How Leaking Plumbing Fixtures Are Costing You Money

Plumbing mishaps can quickly become expensive between the cost of repairs and restoring water damage. The costs associated with leaking plumbing fixtures are typically higher than those associated with other plumbing emergencies. Keep reading to learn what causes leaks in your system, how they impact water usage, and how you can save money moving forward.

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Where Plumbing Leaks Come From

Determining the source of your plumbing leak can be tricky. Homeowners experience leaks in different areas of their plumbing systems. Be sure to check each of the following places if you suspect a leak. 

Water Pipes and Faucet

The water pipes leading to your faucet can spring a leak and cause water to drip. Though patching the leak is a fairly simple repair, you could experience higher-than-normal water bills or pipe damage until you determine the source.

Waste Pipe and Waste System

Plumbing leak detection involves checking all parts of the plumbing system, including the waste pipe. This hidden leak can cost a lot of money in water usage without you even knowing it.

The Fixture Itself

If you have leaking plumbing fixtures, your pipes could be fine while the fixture is damaged. For example, a crack in your toilet could leak water, or a damaged seal on a faucet could escalate a leak. Inspect your fixtures carefully to determine the source of the leak.

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How Plumbers Diagnose Leaks

Plumbing professionals follow a checklist when customers request leak detection and repair services. This includes inspecting the following parts of the plumbing system:

  • Water supply
  • Waste system
  • Faucet
  • Sink
  • Toilet

Plumbers have the knowledge and equipment to find and fix leaks in these pipes or fixtures. Plumbing repairs will vary based on the location of the leak and its cause. For example, patching a leak in the water pipes might be a more complex job than tightening a loose faucet or replacing its seal.

How a Broken Plumbing Fixture Costs You Money 

Leaking plumbing fixtures can become extremely costly if you don’t act fast to repair them. Experts recommend remaining vigilant about potential leaks and scheduling repair services as soon as you suspect a leak in your system. The longer you let a water leak escalate, the more it will cost you in the following areas.

Water Waste

Your household goes through plenty of water daily between using the toilet, shower, washing machine, and other appliances. A leak in your plumbing system can multiply the number of gallons of water you consume each year. 

You might not think the small drips from a leaky faucet amount to anything. However, three dripping faucets in your home releasing ten drops of water per minute result in over 1,000 gallons of wasted water throughout the year.

Running toilets destroy water conservation methods because the toilet will continue to leak until you perform repairs. Small leaks can waste around 30 gallons of water per day while more extensive leaks can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day.

Higher Utility Bills

The damage of most leaking plumbing fixtures is reflected in high water bills. You can expect your utility costs to skyrocket when a running toilet, broken shower fixture, or other plumbing leak wastes gallons of water.

Energy Consumption

Heating your water supply isn’t cheap. If you have a leak that impacts your hot water supply, your energy costs will rise due to the constant demand for hot water. Look out for higher-than-normal energy bills to detect this problem.

Structural Damage and Slab Leaks

Your house is at risk for severe structural damage when your plumbing system springs a leak. Pipes within your ceiling, floors, and walls can leak water, which ruins the surrounding materials and causes mold to grow. Slab leaks, which occur beneath your home’s foundation, pose a significant threat to your home’s structural integrity.

Environmental Impact

Leaking plumbing fixtures can cost you a lot of money while negatively impacting the environment. Water conservation is essential for the planet, so it’s crucial to identify and fix plumbing leaks quickly.


Why Plumbing Fixtures Come Loose

Your plumbing fixtures might leak water when they become loose after installation. What causes this issue? Experts cite the following reasons:

  • Water pressure: Immense pressure can strain your fixtures. 
  • Leaks: Loose fixtures will begin to leak, further escalating the problem. 
  • Loose caulking: Caulk seals in plumbing fixtures, but when it loosens, water can seep out. 
  • Poor installation: Improperly installed fixtures can lead to costly leaks. 
  • Repeated movement: Regular use causes wear and tear in fixtures like toilets, sinks, and faucets. 
  • Stripping: Tightening the screws and bolts on fixtures can strip the threads and damage the seal. 
  • Cold temperatures: Freezing pipes or fixtures can expand and loosen. 

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