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How Plumbing Maintenance Benefits the Environment

How Plumbing Maintenance Benefits the Environment

When many people consider the effort to go green and take better care of the environment, they think of sweeping changes and grand actions that will shift how they live their lives. Yet some of the easiest but most important steps a person can take to go green are small ones. Tiny adjustments and basic, routine maintenance can do as much to help the world around us as the largest of recycling programs.

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If you’re looking to further your own commitment to green living, start with your plumbing! Regular plumbing maintenance can impact the environment in unexpected ways. You may be surprised not only at how you can help the world around you, but at how much money you can save in the process.

Under Pressure

The water pressure in your home may do more than you anticipate for your water bill and the amount of water you use. While your home needs adequate water pressure to ensure acceptable function, pressure set too high can be a factor in water waste. As pleasant as a high-pressure shower might feel, enough of them will add up to a large expense.

Consider installing a pressure gauge to limit the water pressure in your home. You can even make use of one with an automated regulator that can maintain the proper pressure for you. Both your water bills and the planet will thank you!

Finding the Leak

Where there are pipes in your home, there may be leaks. These expensive annoyances can turn up anywhere, whether it be in the water heater or water closet. They may even turn up in the most obvious places, with the slow, steady drip of a loose faucet in the kitchen. Worse still, they may appear in the walls of your home, which can lead to costly repairs and lots of stress.

Inspect your faucets regularly to ensure they do not allow water to drip out. You can place a pan or a bowl beneath them overnight to see if the receptacle collects water. Any sign of a leak, no matter how small, should be mended immediately. You should also inspect all joints, seals, and valves in your home plumbing for leaks. If they feel wet, or have collected damp residue, they may be in need of repairs.

A Strain on the Drain

Clogged drains place a strain on your plumbing. An improperly cleared drain creates wasted water and may even cause flooding. Further, a clogged drain allows sediment to collect on pipes. This sediment hosts bacteria and unpleasant smells, both of which are detrimental to your home.

Some commercial drain cleaners may be harsh on your plumbing, especially in older homes. For example, Bio One and Bio Clean are two great products that we have been using for many years. Keep in mind that these products are used as a “preventative” measure; they do not work after a drain line has stopped up. You can also attempt a gentler homemade mixture of lemon juice, vinegar, and water, but persistent drain issues should be looked at by an experienced plumbing professional.

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