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Is Fluoride an Issue in Your Water?

Is Fluoride an Issue in Your Water?

Water fluoridation has been a standard procedure for most municipalities for a very long time. Some people, however, object to having fluoride added to their water. In fact, what some people want is to have water that is as close to pure as possible coming out of their faucet when they go to take a drink.

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Are There Health Concerns?

According to some people, fluoride does pose some health hazard. For many people who object to the fluoride in their water, the issue really comes from the idea of having medication put into water. Plumbers can install filters that remove fluoride from the water and, if you don’t want fluoride in your water at all, this is a popular option.

How About Other Contaminants?

For people who have no real objection to having fluoride in their water, there still may be other reasons that they have concerns. Some municipal water supplies have been demonstrated to have dangerous levels of chemicals that are known to be hazardous to human health; these include chemicals such as arsenic.

One of the solutions that municipalities have used for many years to deal with these contaminants is to add chlorine to the water. Of course, some people don’t want chlorine in their water, either, as the taste can be highly objectionable and many people worry about the health hazards associated with getting chlorine in their system every time they go to take a drink.


Whether you object to fluoride or are worried about other contaminants in your water supply, plumbers can help. The sophisticated filtering systems on the market today can make certain that your water is as pure as possible. With these systems installed, water is not only filter for the types of impurities that you don’t want, it also tastes fantastic, and for some people, that’s enough reason to get a filter installed.

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