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Keep Pipes Clear Through the Holiday Season with These Tips

Keep Pipes Clear Through the Holiday Season with These Tips

Thanksgiving is behind us, and Christmas is just around the corner! That means the savory smell of turkey, the frenzy of football games, and the dreaded post-meal cleanup. It may be tempting to throw everything down the drain or flush away things in the toilet, but that could make matters worse for yourself and your plumbing. If you want to avoid issues with your pipes during the holidays, here are some tips about what you should and shouldn’t do:

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Throw your scraps in the garbage. This may seem obvious at first, but who hasn’t tried to dispose of those bits and pieces that are in your sink down the sink? It may save you a few minutes now, but those bits and pieces can quickly clog your pipes, causing an unpleasant backup.

Don’t pour your turkey grease down the sink either. It looks like a liquid at first, but as it cools, turkey grease will harden, clogging your pipes. Pour the grease into a glass container until it cools, and then put it into your garbage. For smaller amounts and spills, wipe them up with a paper towel.

Be conscious of what you toss into the garbage disposal.Watch what goes in the garbage disposal. If you have a garbage disposal, be aware of what you put into it. Food items that are stringy or sticky have the potential to clog the machinery. Also make sure that the disposal is running before you put food waste into it. This ensures the machine runs efficiently.

Pay attention to the little things. It isn’t only food and scraps you need to be aware of. With the hustle and bustle of food preparation and cleaning, utensils can easily slip into your drain without your knowledge. Think of little serving spoons, cheese knives, appetizer forks, as well as bottle caps and tabs. Keep a garbage bag handy and add a drain catcher to prevent these items from causing a disastrous backup.

Keep an eye out for risky bathroom products. If you have guests staying with you this holiday season, you could end up with pipe issues in your bathroom too. Did you know that products such as baby oil, hair products, and moisturizers can also make your pipes sluggish? To minimize these issues, make sure you have a waste paper basket easily visible to collect used items such as tissues and cotton balls. Get a hair snare to prevent hair from affecting your drains. In your bathroom sink, use a drain catcher so that unwanted objects don’t slip away.

Cleaning your drain regularly will do wonders for avoiding clogs and keeping your drains flowing easily – but if you need professional help, contact the experts at Fenwick Home Services. We are always available to help you with a clogged drain, issues with garbage disposal, and any other plumbing problems. Give us a call, and enjoy a cozy and clog-free holiday season!