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Garbage disposals are a great invention that has been around since 1927. These devices made kitchen clean up and waste disposal so much better for many people, but they brought with them an entirely new set of problems.  People were inclined to believe that anything could be put in a garbage disposal, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

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Garbage disposals were created with a specific purpose in mind; they simply weren’t intended to be a catch-all for every waste or food item that needs disposed of in a kitchen. People were trying to put things in their disposals that they are incapable of properly processing, and as a result, began clogging and damaging their expensive new kitchen wonders.

So how can you avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and keep your disposal working like new? Here are a few tips:

  • Never put non-food items into your disposal. Nonfood items, such as glass and plastic bottles, metal objects, and other items should be tossed in the recycling or trash, and not in your disposal. These typed of items can break the expensive motor in the disposal, making an expensive replacement a necessity.
  • Never put grease in your disposal. Grease and oils won’t go down the drain very easily. The disposal will splatter the grease or oil and cause a buildup that will eventually clog the drains with foods and debris.
  • Pasta and rice are not good for your disposal, either. Pastas and rice will continue to absorb water and expand in your pipes. They also won’t degrade like other food products, and will eventually cause your lines to clog. Throw these away in the trash instead.
  • Animal byproducts, like bone and skin, should not be thrown into your disposal. These, like pastas and rice, also won’t break down. The bones may also cause damage to your disposal’s blades or motor, causing more expensive repairs to be needed to get your disposal working properly again.
  • Stringy food waste like corn husks and celery should be thrown in the garbage. These foods have strong fibers which can wrap themselves around the disposal blades, eventually causing the blades to lose their effectiveness and become clogged with debris.
  • It is also a bad idea to put coffee grounds in the disposal. Coffee grounds are absorbent, like rice and pasta. They will settle into the pipes and begin expanding instead of washing away, eventually causing a buildup and eventually clogging your pipes. Always throw coffee grounds in the trash.

Following these easy steps, you can keep your drains flowing, your disposal running, and avoid any expensive and needless repairs to your plumbing.

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