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The Health and Wellness Dangers a Plumber Can Save You From

Look at the news and you’ll find that, in nations where they do not have modern plumbing systems, people get sick from many diseases that we don’t even hear about in this country. Cholera, dysentery and other illnesses can be carried by bad water. When you have contaminated water in your home, you’re setting up a potentially deadly situation. In addition to this, having plumbing fixtures improperly installed can pose a very real threat to your life in other ways.

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Disease and Water

Human beings are not the only living organism that depends on water to survive, other organisms live in contaminated water and if you happen to ingest that water, you may find yourself deathly ill in a short time. Part of what plumbers do is make certain that water systems are functioning in a way that separates good water from bad water. This involves many different sophisticated concepts such as backflow prevention, which take many years to understand and to be able to guarantee to customers.

Drains that aren’t flowing properly, sewage pipes that are leaking and other hazards need to be taken very seriously. Professional plumbers not only know how to fix these issues, they also know how to work around these potentially very dangerous substances, something which most homeowners simply do not know how to do.


Plumbing appliances, hot water heaters in particular, can be dangerous if they are installed improperly. While most people understand that plumbers know how to fix pipes, they don’t really understand everything that plumbers really know how to do. Plumbers have a sophisticated knowledge of electricity, welding and soldering, working with pressurized devices and other concerns that are vital to installing plumbing appliances correctly. To put it in blunt terms, you should never try to install a hot water heater yourself. You could end up burning down your house, causing a gas leak, or presenting other hazards to your home and your family.

Let professionals handle this work for you. Bill Fenwick Sr. has been providing plumbing services to northeastern Florida since 1969. With so many years of experience, you can be certain that he and everybody who works for him understand safety and, of course, that he understands customer service as well. Don’t risk bad plumbing; the stakes are simply far too high. Give us a call, and one of our licensed plumbers will be glad to help!