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The Three Most Common Plumbing Problems

The Three Most Common Plumbing Problems

The entire idea behind indoor plumbing was to provide comfort and convenience so that you don’t have to step out of the house in all kinds of weather to use the facilities. Therefore, if you have a problem with your plumbing like leakage or blockage, you might end up wishing that you didn’t have the ‘comfort’ in the first place. These issues can be really irritating, but usually can be easily fixed.

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Some of the most common plumbing problems involve either the kitchen or the bathrooms. These two are the most used in any home and naturally, they pose the most problems. Clogged kitchen sinks and leaky taps are the most often reported problems in the kitchen and leaky faucet, clogged water closets, bath tubs or running toilets are the common ones in the bathrooms. As more people use these two areas more, this is to be expected. Most of these problems can be fixed easily if you are good with tools and directions.

The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen drain is one of the most used faucets and outlets in the house, and so can present problems quite frequently. One of the more common ones is clogged drains. Food particles might get stuck, and over time become clogged, even causing flooding. If you know where to look and how to identify the problem, and are good at following directions, you can fix it yourself, with the right tools.

The Toilet

The toilet flush tank might be leaky, which means water will be dripping under the flush tank, leaving stains. Or it might be running, which means wastage of water due to constant flushing. This might be due to one of two reasons. Either your fill valve is not working or your flapper is not working properly. You just have to identify the problem and replace it.

The other major issues with your toilet might be a smelly toilet or a clogged one. The unpleasant odor might be due to some issues with your drain pipes which have to be identified and fixed right away. The worst case scenario is a clogged one, which can lead to backup and flooding of the bathroom. It has to be fixed instantly. Call your plumber immediately.

Other common problems

Other common problems in your plumbing might include leaky faucets, clogged showers, usually caused by mineral deposits, cold water influx during showers, clogged bathtubs, usually due to buildup of hair in the drains and smelly tubs, mostly due to infrequent use or trap leaks. These are all easy to fix and just need someone handy with tools and a good DIY attitude. You can always call your plumber to come and fix the problem for you.

Typical problems in extremely cold weather conditions include burst pipes, and when the ice melts, you will face flooding. This can in turn cause damp and mold, which will lead to a host of other problems. So, you should never ignore any plumbing issues. You never know when or how it might snowball into a major problem, leading to thousands of dollars worth spent on repairs.

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