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Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner and Extending Its Lifespan

Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner and Extending Its Lifespan

An air conditioner is like an essential organ of a home. Without it, summers can become downright unbearable. However, like real organs, an air conditioner needs care and attention; otherwise, it won’t function properly or last as long. 

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This article will cover some air conditioner maintenance tips and tricks that will make it easier to maintain your AC system. These will also help you increase the air conditioner lifespan of your system. 

Tips to Expand the Life of Your Air Conditioner

Expanding the life of your air conditioner doesn’t have to be hard. Simply staying on top of a few regular maintenance activities and following these air conditioner service tips goes a long way.

1. Change or Clean Your Air Filter Regularly

An air filter prevents dust, dirt, dander, and other materials from passing through your air conditioner and into your home’s air. The filter does this by trapping these particles within the filter and, in doing so, preventing them from going anywhere else. 

However, over time, these materials start to build up. The filter starts to clog up with particles to the point where they block the filter itself. If this happens enough, it disrupts the airflow and can prevent the air conditioner from functioning properly. 

So, an air filter should be changed regularly. Most air filters should be changed every one to three months, but the filter package will contain more exact details. 

The nice part is that changing a filter is usually pretty easy. First, you need to locate where the filter is. Then, you can remove that filter by simply sliding it out of the HVAC unit. Just as simply, you can slide a new filter in. 

2. Keep the Coils Clean

The air conditioner’s coils can also experience a buildup of material that impacts their function. If this happens, they will need to be cleaned. 

In order to accomplish this task, homeowners should begin by removing the surrounding coverings to access the coils. Once exposed, the coils can be carefully sprayed with a gentle stream of water from a hose. It is important to avoid using a setting that may cause damage to the coil. Generally, performing this cleaning once a year is sufficient for most systems. If you require a more thorough cleaning, simply schedule an appointment with us, and we will gladly provide the necessary assistance.

3. Clean Your Ducts

Air conditioning ducts are a necessary part of delivering air throughout the home. However, these large, empty spaces have the potential to build up dirt and other material over time. If this happens, it can obstruct airflow through the ducts. 

Therefore, regularly cleaning these ducts is necessary. Fortunately, there are numerous reputable duct cleaning companies in Jacksonville that can provide this necessary service.

4. Inspecting the Coolant Lines

The coolant lines run from the inside of a home to the outside, where they attach to the AC condenser. This is an important part of a properly functioning HVAC system but also a relatively vulnerable one. The fact that it is out in the open outside means it is open to damage from the elements. 

Homeowners can check this for themselves. These lines should have insulation covering them, so if the insulation is torn or starting to fall apart, it must be reattached or replaced. 

5. Use a Smart Thermostat

Part of what causes wear and tear on an air conditioner is improper usage. If a unit is left to run at too high a level for too long, it stresses it for no reason. Even running it at slightly less efficient levels will slowly damage the system over long periods of time. 

That is why a smart thermostat is so helpful. These are designed to run a system at peak efficiency. They are also designed to automatically change the temperature when necessary so that the system can run in the best way. 

On top of all of this, smart thermostats offer other benefits. They are convenient, as they automate many tasks and prevent you from having to run to the thermostat on a regular basis. They are also energy efficient and, in most cases, provide energy-saving bonuses that make it cheaper to operate an air conditioner. 

6. Inspect and Clear the Condensate Drain

Most AC units will have a condensate drain that allows water to drain out of the system slowly. Like other outdoor portions of this system, this drain is exposed to the elements and, thus, is exposed to potential problems. 

Because of this, it is best to keep an eye on the drain itself. Simply checking it visually every now and then can alert you if there is a problem. By doing this, a homeowner can see if the drain is blocked by something or doesn’t seem to be running for whatever reason. Most blocks can be cleared away easily once they are spotted. 

In addition, giving this drain an occasional cleaning helps too. This can be done with just a stiff wire brush. By inserting this into the drain and moving it around, most blockages or dirt buildups will clear right out. Doing this every now and then will prevent small buildups of material from getting worse in the future. 

7. Schedule a Professional Maintenance

Some problems and issues are impossible for the average homeowner to handle. Instead, these issues need to be handled by a professional. 

Foremost among these are repairs. Professionals best handle many air conditioning repair issues, as mistakes can create even more problems. 

Alongside this, regular maintenance from a professional is also necessary. Most experts suggest seeking out maintenance like this at least once each year. In fact, the warranties on many HVAC system parts require yearly tune-ups for the warranty to stay intact. 


An air conditioner will run best when taken care of, so knowing how to maintain an air conditioner system is important. By following these air conditioner maintenance tips, performing a few acts of maintenance yourself, and having professionals look at the system on a regular basis, you can keep the system running well for many years to come. This makes a big difference for any homeowner trying to extend their air conditioner lifespan.