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Top 6 Symptoms to Identify Bad Indoor Air Quality

Top 6 Symptoms to Identify Bad Indoor Air Quality

It is easy to identify the symptoms of bad air quality outside. The air is full of smog, gasses, and dust that affect our breathing. There are reports on the news on the Pollution Standards Index, letting you know when the air outside is unhealthy. However, 90% of our time is spent inside, and the Environmental Protection Agency reports that there can be between 2-5 times more pollutants indoors. These include pet dander, dust, airborne particles and chemicals, and bacteria. So how can you know when your home has poor indoor air quality? Look out for these six bad air quality symptoms.

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Signs Of Poor Air Quality In Your Home

1. Trouble Breathing

Have you noticed you or one of your loved ones having difficulty breathing? Or perhaps they’re coughing more than usual? Trouble breathing is one of the most common symptoms of poor air quality. One cause is a lack of ventilation, which allows the dirty particles in the air to remain instead of circulating out.

2. Dust Build Up

If you have seen an increase in dust accumulation in your home, it could mean you have poor air quality. Dust that builds up around the filters or air vents is a visible symptom of indoor pollutants. Cleaning your home frequently or replacing your air filter can reduce indoor pollutants.

Top 6 Symptoms to Identify Bad Indoor Air Quality

3. Headaches

If you are experiencing frequent headaches or nausea with no obvious cause, it may be caused by poor indoor air quality. The source of these symptoms may include cleaning products, garbage fumes, and other contaminants in your living space.

4. Irritated Skin

Have you been experiencing itchy rashes or red, dry skin that flakes? You may have tried changing your soap or body wash and lathering up the lotion, but nothing is helping. That’s because the cause could be your indoor air quality. Pollutants that build in the air can latch onto your skin and lead to dry, irritated skin.

Top 6 Symptoms to Identify Bad Indoor Air Quality

5. Allergic Reactions

The last physical bad air quality symptom is signs of an allergic reaction. Frequent sneezes or runny noses when you’re not sick, watery eyes, and sore throats mimic an allergic reaction. But it might be the indoor air quality causing your reaction.

6. Inconsistent Temperatures

Is one room of your home warmer than the rest? Or maybe one room feels like a freezer compared to the rest. The presence of hot and cold spots is a bad air quality symptom. These inconsistent temperatures are caused by poor airflow and can be addressed by an HVAC technician.


Indoor Air Quality Services From Fenwick

If you have been experiencing any one of the six bad air quality symptoms, it’s time to call an HVAC technician to eliminate pollutants in your home. Our team of technicians offer reliable indoor air quality services for homeowners in Jacksonville, FL and other areas. Our staff can help you perform an air quality assessment and install various types of systems such as whole-house air filtration systems, UV air purifiers, and dehumidifiers.

Get same-day service and next-day installation for all of your indoor air quality issues. In addition, our team offers other types of HVAC services such as air conditioning repair, furnace installation, heat pump replacement, furnace repair, and air conditioning installation. To receive assistance with air quality issues, give our team a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 or book an appointment online.