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Top Causes of Bad Smells in Your Bathroom

Top Causes of Bad Smells in Your Bathroom

From showering before work or school to just going to the bathroom, the condition of your bathroom and plumbing systems impact your daily life. After a while, you might start to wonder, “Why does my bathroom smell bad?” The many contaminants in this space can cause a musty odor to develop over time Often, these causes involve plumbing system issues.

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An expert plumbing professional can inspect your plumbing systems to identify the causes of that musty bathroom smell. Contact the top-rated experts at Fenwick Home Services to perform essential plumbing repair services and eliminate unwanted odors.

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Most Common Bathroom Odors

Knowing the most common bathroom odors can help you identify the root cause and seek the services required to eliminate them.


Mold results from fungal spores and bacteria that thrive in moist and warm conditions. More than likely, your hot showers and baths can add excess moisture and create an ideal environment for mold growth. Not only does mold create a lingering odor in your bathroom, but it can also cause respiratory problems.


Depending on the substances you put down your drain, they can start to rot and cause a bad smell in your bathroom. Using organic hair and skin products can also cause rot that leads to nasty odors.


Sewage backups in your home can cause issues for every part of your plumbing system. Particularly in bathroom spaces, sewage regurgitation causes particularly foul smells. Professional plumbers will need to perform repairs on your drains and septic systems to resolve these problems.


Urine smells are not uncommon from leaks and daily bathroom use. Depending on the cause of the urine odor, using bleach and other bathroom cleaning supplies can quickly eliminate these smells and restore the freshness of your space.

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Causes of Bathroom Odors

Learning the causes of bathroom odors can help you mitigate the chances of them developing. Here are some of the most common causes of bathroom odors.


Plumbing leaks serve as one of the primary causes of nasty bathroom odors. Whether you have a sink, shower, or toilet leak, these issues can lead to sewage and urine smells in your bathroom. You’ll also need to call a professional plumber for water leak repair in this situation.


Bacteria can grow on every part of your plumbing system. Frequent cleaning and professional maintenance can help mitigate bacterial growth and bad smells.

Gas Pipes

Your bathroom may use a gas heater to warm your water. Issues with your gas pipe can leak into the bathroom, causing unpleasant gaseous odors.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can create rotting and molding smells. Personal care products and natural hair loss can eventually cause clogged drains, which emit a foul odor throughout your space. 


Issues with your toilet can produce lingering smells in your bathroom. Clogging and sewage leaks connected to your toilet use could allow your human waste to create a nasty scent in this space. Professional plumbers can resolve these problems.

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The Difference Between Mold and Mildew

You may or may not be aware of the negative health impacts of mold. Caused by bacterial growth and mycotoxins, mold can present significant risks to your family’s health. Knowing the distinctions between mold and mildew is essential to determining why your bathroom smells bad.

Mold usually grows in clumps of spores that appear as yellow, black, brown, and green spots. These spots also grow around and through porous materials in your bathroom, which remain unchanged by regular cleaning. Mildew, on the other hand, grows on bathroom surfaces, responds well to normal cleaning supplies, and poses fewer health risks to your family.

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How to Find the Source of the Smell

Learning how to check for the source of a nasty bathroom smell can help you guide professionals toward the root of the problem.

Check Water Sources

Check your water fixtures and sources for signs of contamination. Any sediment, brownish, yellowish, or cloudy hues could indicate sewage problems. 

Check Tub/Shower

Check your tub and shower for visible mold, mildew, or rotting.

Things You Can Do

Besides calling plumbing professionals for necessary repairs and maintenance, you can take some steps to eliminate unpleasant odors in your bathroom.

Some of the best methods to remove bad smells in your bathroom include:

  • Remove damp towels
  • Clean bathroom rugs and mats
  • Get leaks fixed
  • Dry bathroom walls and floor
  • Spray down tub and shower fixtures
  • Install a hard water filter
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • Add a dehumidifier or fume vent


When Is It Time to Call a Plumber?

Knowing when to call a plumber can save you the hassle of doing the job yourself. Certain issues won’t respond well to cleaning supplies and require professional repairs. Call a plumber if you notice leaks, clogging, limited water flow, or signs of contaminated water.

Why Choose Fenwick Home Services for Your Plumbing Needs

When your bathroom starts smelling foul, indoor mold, mildew, and other harmful contaminants could threaten the cleanliness and health of these spaces. Enlisting plumbing professionals to inspect your fixtures and provide essential repairs can eliminate the musty bathroom smell that makes these spaces unbearable. 

Still wondering why your bathroom smells bad? Top-rated plumbing professionals with Fenwick Home Services offer drain cleaning and power rodding services that protect your plumbing and eliminate the nasty odor in your bathroom. Call 904-867-2822 to schedule services with top-rated plumbers from Fenwick Home Services to remove the bad smell from your bathroom.