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Top Googled Plumbing Questions Answered

How long have you been ignoring the drip from the kitchen sick or the clog in the shower? Probably too long. Every time you take a shower, you think ‘I really need to get this fixed’ as the soapy water pools around your ankles. Still, you get out and on with your busy day, forgetting all about your frustration until next time. We have all dealt with a similar situation and no matter what kind of common plumbing issue you are experiencing, there is, more or less, a simple solution. Don’t let the annoying drip in the bathroom sink keep you up at night any longer. Whatever your plumbing problem (and you’re probably stressing about it right now, in fact) we have the answers!

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Oftentimes, the plumbing issues you face around your home can be fixed yourself as long as you have the right information. We researched the most common questions that people like you are asking. A simple Google search gave us insight to the main problems that homeowners are asking before resorting to calling out the plumber. Here’s what our experts came up with so that you can be sure you are getting valuable, helpful information:

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Dripping: If your bathroom or kitchen sink is dripping, the cartridge, stem, or seat probably needs to be replaced. Most people ignore a dripping sink out of fear of fixing it themselves or not knowing what to do. If cranking the handle so hard to try to stop it, you might end up tearing the rubber washer or cracking something making the situation worse. By replacing the appropriate parts you will save the enamel on your sink and your sanity by not having to listen to the constant dripping.

Gurgling: When a sink (or tub) gurgles it is because it is about to be stopped up completely. Air blows back up the drain when it is clogged, causing the gurgle sounds. A plunger or liquid clog remover should clear out the stoppage.

Leaking: If the pipes under the sink are leaking, it means that they have worked lose and need new washers that are tightly secured.


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Running: If the toilet constantly runs, it typically means that the flapper is leaking water out of the tank and will need to be adjusted or replaced for a new part.

Leaking: When the base of the toilet is leaking, the seal is broken and the toilet needs to be pulled and reset. If you are not properly trained to repair this, calling in a professional plumber with ensure that this process happens smoothly and quickly.

Not flushing: When the toilet won’t flush, you either have a stoppage or the parts on the inside of the tank are out of place and need to be adjusted.


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Cold: A cold shower often means you need to replace the cartridge or there is a problem with your water heater. When the shower starts with hot water but quickly turns cold then you need to have your water heater checked out, typically it will be a problem with the lower heating element.  Installing a tankless water heater is the best way to never have to take a cold shower again!

Leaking: If the base of your shower is leaking the shower enclosure needs to be resealed or the shower pan has gone bad and needs to be replaced. If a bad shower pan is the case, it will also require tile removal and replacement. At Fenwick Home Services, we have tile installers on staff to successfully complete the whole job.

Shower head leaking: When the shower head is leaking the cartridge has gone bad and you need to replace it or the stem needs to be rebuilt.


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Faucet: For any leaky faucet, whether it is in the kitchen or bathroom, before you begin any repairs make sure you remember to turn off the water! Then, turn the faucet handles on to release any water and pressure from the lines. Then take the faucet apart and install new cartridges, stems and seats.

Bill Fenwick is Jacksonville’s plumbing expert and can help you for any project that you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself. Don’t rush through any more icy cold showers anymore or drive yourself crazy listening to the toilet running all night. For any further questions, ask our experts!