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Walk-in Shower Ideas


Whether you like to take a shower to unwind after a long day of hard work, or if you use your shower to wake you in the morning and refresh after a nights rest, your bathroom can have a large affect on your mood for the day. This is just one reason that more and more people are choosing to either add or revamp their walk-in showers in order to create a relaxing spa experience at home. The best part is that many of these ideas are simple and easy to implement.

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Installing an Overhead Rain Showerhead

Rain showerheads are large circular showerheads that are mounted above the shower in order to enable a soothing rain-like flow of water. These showerheads are especially popular with taller individuals who are tired of twisting, crouching, and contorting in order to rinse with a conventional angled showerhead. These increasingly popular shower fixtures enable you to feel as if you are enjoying peaceful rainfall in the privacy of your shower.

Varying Tile Size

In an effort to add a modern and interesting design to the walk-in shower without creating a look that is too busy and cluttered, combining large and small tile sizes has become increasingly popular. Many homeowners are choosing to use large tiles on the walk-in shower walls, with small tiles on the floor to create a fun contrast.

Natural Light

Natural light is an excellent way to further increase the rejuvenating aspects of your morning shower. Instead of showering under harsh florescent lights, many are choosing to install a strategically placed window or skylight in their walk-in shower. These natural light sources are also a great way to reduce your energy use in your home.

Accessories Galore

Recently, there has been a push to create the ultimate spa experience in the walk-in shower by increasing functionality through accessories such as handheld showerheads, benches, and detachable shaving mirrors. Walk-in showers have a unique opportunity to be both simple and highly practical at the same time.

Light and Open

As far as current walk-in shower trends go, you will find that most include light colors as well as neutral colors, which make the shower feel more spacious. Another way that walk-in showers are being designed to feel more open is by including floor to ceiling glass panels or partial walls. These connectors make the transition from bathroom to shower seem more seamless and open. The walk-in shower becomes part of the unified and modern bathroom design.

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