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Want to Remodel Your Bathroom? Start with Pinterest


f you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a pinboard-style website used for sharing photos and videos with other online friends who have similar interests.  It’s similar to other social networking sites, but you can only pin images or videos onto your virtual pinboards.  For this reason, Pinterest is very visual, and a useful tool for sharing photos, infographics and videos that reflect your creative ideas about a remodeling project.

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The main challenge is to find ways to leverage Pinterest in order to capture ideas and save time, to find the most expedient ways to share ideas and dreams about building, decorating and remodeling with everyone else involved in your remodeling project.  Using Pinterest, homeowners can find a way to visually communicate with designers, architects and interior decorators without having to find the right words to express themselves, since as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

Using Pinterest to Turn Dreams into Reality

Browsing through photos of dream bathrooms may be pleasurable, but at some point you want to turn the dream into a reality.  Why not use Pinterest boards to collect these photos, prioritize them and come up with your own dream bathroom?

While the bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, and not a priority to many people, for those who truly appreciate the many hours of relaxation that a well-designed bathroom may afford, it can be one of the most important rooms you will design.  Luxury or not, it is also one of the most complicated, considering the numerous functions involved.

Remodeling a bathroom quite often involves moving walls, installing plumbing features where none existed previously, tiling, plastering and hundreds of decisions about plumbing fixtures, types of toilets, showers, bathtub selections and more.  There is literally no more complicated room in the house than the bathroom.  All of these decisions can be made with the help of Pinterest boards.

How Many Pinterest Boards Should You Use?

Setting up a bathroom remodeling plan using Pinterest boards is a novel and very helpful idea.  Pinterest boards can be used to help with all of the decision making, from colors, to tile selections, to hardware and plumbing and more.  To arrange your Pinterest boards, first decide on a priority of bathroom components.

  • Bathroom function and activities can determine the components of your bathroom.  What do you envision using your bathroom for, beyond the obvious necessities?  Do you like to take long tub soaks?  Would you like to have a Jacuzzi tub?  Would you prefer a large, open shower with many massaging nozzles?  Do you need a walk-in tub for family members who are a bit unstable on their feet and in danger of falling?  Do you require a good deal of storage, for linens and such?  Do you prefer to have display shelves, or windows with views, sun-lights, or glass brick windows that prevent prying eyes from seeing in?  Post pictures of different features that you want to have in your bathroom on this Pinterest board to help you define your dream bathroom.
  • The look and feel of the bathroom should be the focus of your second Pinterest board.  What kinds of colors do you want in your bathroom?  Do you prefer pristine white tile, or bold colors?  Maybe natural terra cotta tile is your preference.  Do you prefer shower curtains, or glass doors?  Should your faucets be modern or old fashioned?  Do you like an open, one room-serves-all sort of space, or do you prefer it to be compartmentalized?  Select pictures that reflect the look and feel of your dream bathroom to post on this Pinterest board.

Between these two visual boards of photos and videos, you should be able to define your ideal bathroom, and you can use this visual reference to get quotes and ideas from designers, architects and plumbers, in order to help you design or remodel the bathroom of your dreams.