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What is the Best Way to Lengthen the Life of My Sink Disposal?

Your sink disposal – sometimes called a garbage disposal – is an incredibly convenient appliance. It allows you to save on the amount of trash you put into the waste system and, of course, it prevents some types of trash from becoming stinky when you leave it in a garbage can. You need to maintain that garbage disposal, however, which may be quite a bit easier than you think.

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The Blades

The blades in your garbage disposal grind up debris so that it is small enough to go down the drainpipes safely. When these blades become dull, you may find yourself having to leave them on for a very long time to clear out the disposal. In some cases, you’ll be unaware of the fact that there is garbage left in the disposal until it starts to stink. Left unattended, this can actually become enough of a problem to attract household pests.

One trick that people have used to great success is to put a cup of ice down the disposal. Grinding up the ice sharpens the blades on the disposal and keeps them clear. Make sure you run your disposal for a few seconds after all of the garbage has gone down to ensure that they don’t get clogged up, as well.


Garbage disposals can get smelly very quickly. There’s a great solution to this and you probably have it right in your refrigerator. Putting some lemon peels or some baking soda into the garbage disposal can absorb odor. If you use baking soda, throw a little vinegar in with it so that the bubbling action will help clean up the insides of the garbage disposal.

Remember: never put your hand down a garbage disposal, even if you are certain that it is turned off. Garbage disposals can cause serious injuries and, with all of the filth down there, they can easily become infected.

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