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When old Building Codes aren’t up-to-date

If you own an older home in Jacksonville, and are planning to renovate or perhaps, sell your home, you may find that its current plumbing system is not up-to-date with current building codes. This can be a sticky situation as you find yourself having to bring up home up to code in order to satisfy local building and plumbing inspectors or home inspectors hired by prospective buyers.

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Something to Consider When Planning a Renovation

Unless you are planning a renovation on your older home, you do not need to worry about bringing your plumbing up to current plumbing codes. You may choose to do so for your own benefit to improve the quality of your home, but the law does not require you to make these improvements. However, if you are making renovations, such as an addition or other alterations that require building and plumbing permits, then you are subject to current codes. This is where consulting a residential plumbing contractor in Jacksonville FL at the beginning of your project can be very helpful.

A residential plumbing contractor will give you advice on how to avoid running into a problem with building plans and provide you with recommendations to meet current plumbing standards for your home. While those who are not experienced in the plumbing industry may see these improvements as insignificant and a nuisance added to increased project costs, they are unavoidable in many cases of renovations. Over the years, standards have changed to accommodate increased use and to improve the safety of homes throughout the area.

Certain renovations may put an added strain that your old pipes and ventilation system may not be able to handle. For example, you may want to renovate your bathroom and have hired a general contractor to do the job. Once they have begun the job, they may find that the job is more extensive once old pipes and vents are found. This is where you need a residential plumbing contractor to make sure your job goes smoothly. By upgrading your plumbing to current building code at the time of the renovation, you will also be working to avoid expensive damage and repairs later on.

Avoid Future Problems Selling Your Home

Educated homebuyers will hire the services of a home inspector before deciding to commit themselves to such a major purchase. If your home is not up to current Jacksonville building codes, you may find that the inspector’s findings may become sticking points that could prevent a successful sale. This may be out of the buyer’s hands, as their lender may require that the home be brought up to code before issuing a mortgage. If the lender does not pose a problem, then you may find that the buyer will want concessions, which will reduce your selling price.

A good strategy for homeowners who plan to sell their older homes is to have their home inspected prior to listing it for sale. A residential plumbing contractor in Jacksonville FL can help uncover potential problems with your home’s plumbing that if fixed before putting on the market could help increase your selling price. The cost may be less than what you may lose on the sale on your home and will avoid future hassles.

You can avoid hassles in the future with selling your home or renovations by taking the step now, rather than later to bring your home up to current building codes by consulting with a residential plumbing contractor in Jacksonville FL. This will help avoid major plumbing mishaps in your home as it ages, and keep it safe and comfortable for you and your family.