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Why You Should Schedule a Plumbing Inspection in Your New Home

Unfortunately, many first time home buyers fall into the “house buying” trap. They see a house that they feel is their perfect “dream” house, and all logical thinking goes out the window. Buyers forget the most important aspects of buying a home, and what steps to take before finalizing the transaction.

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Buying a new home is not the time to lose your mind or sense of logic. Instead, this is the time to ask questions, and insist on getting the home checked for foundation damage and plumbing problems. A home inspection can reveal a lot of hidden issues that the owner might not want to share. A qualified Jacksonville, FL plumbing company can find out what those problems are.

Why Schedule a Plumbing Inspection?

A home inspection protects the buyer from purchasing a “lemon,” and sinking his or her money into a bad investment. Most plumbing problems cannot be seen, but they exist. Millions of people have purchased a home or acquired a property with major plumbing damage. They had no idea that once they signed the final contract they had also inherited a several thousand dollar plumbing problem.

A plumbing problem can go unnoticed for years. However, a quality licensed Jacksonville, FL plumbing company can inspect the property to prevent any surprises and give a potential home buyer a more informed picture of the house. A good Jacksonville, FL plumbing company knows what signs to look for, and what disguises a seller might use to conceal a potential plumbing problem. A home inspection consists of inspecting the entire plumbing system.

What Needs to Be Checked?

A professional Jacksonville, FL plumber will check the plumbing for leaks around the toilet. The seal might need replacing or the bolts might need tightening. If these are possible problems, the toilet might be the problem. A leaky toilet might be an indication that the septic system is clogged. The inspector performs a test that will clearly identify a septic problem, if one is suspected. Dye is placed down the toilet, if it comes up on top of the drain field soil, the inspector’s suspicions are confirmed.

A home inspector or plumber will also check the water pressure. Low water pressure is suspected when the water comes out slow, or not at all. Another place the inspector checks is the bathroom. If the toilet is flushed, and the water barely goes down, and the tank takes minutes to fill, this could also indicate a plumbing problem.

Other signs the inspector looks for are freshly painted walls; especially, around the baseboards. If a serious overflow has occurred, there would be signs of water damage on the wall, such as water stains, or mold and mildew. Most home owners have learned to cover these problems with a fresh coat of paint, new wall paper or paneling. Nevertheless, an experienced home inspector knows what tricks are used, and what signs are too obvious to ignore.

Don’t Pass on a Home Inspection

These are just a few good reasons why a Jacksonville, FL plumbing company offers customers accurate and professional home inspection services. A thorough home inspection has saved homeowners, investors, and first-time home buyers thousands of dollars in repairs. One of the biggest mistakes buyers make in their transaction of buying real estate is to not get their plumbing inspected. Any signs of a leak can indicate possible plumbing problems.

Even newly constructed homes can experience bad plumbing. A plumbing company might forget to connect a drain line, or perhaps the connectors came apart under too much water pressure. Whatever the cause of the leak, it should be addressed as quickly as possible. A home inspection will catch any minor flaw before it gets completely out of hand. Once the problem is caught and corrected, the buyer can enjoy living in that perfect “dream” house, with no problem.