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Avoid a Summer Plumbing Slump


It’s time for barbecues, running through the sprinkler, and lots of sunshine! It’s also time for plumbing problems that crop up during the warmer months.

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Don’t Dump

Summer foods include fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t dump rinds rinds, peels, and cornhusks down your disposal. Not only do they dull the blades, they can create clogs that may need professional attention.

  • Use a large bowl to catch peelings and rinds when preparing produce, rather than peeling or husking into the sink.

  • Compost. Organic waste is great for your garden, and will save your disposal.

Grease is another common culprit during summer months. Never dump grease down your drain. Grease never really goes away. It builds up in your pipes over time and can lead to serious problems down the road.

  • Drain grease and fats into a can, and dispose of the can when it is cooled.

  • Wipe greasy counters, pans, and grills with disposable paper towel rather than using a rag. Rinsing your greasy rag in the sink only results in grease in your drain.

Use your dishwasher rather than washing dishes by hand. It seems like a good idea to avoid the heat your dishwasher generates on a hot day, but your dishwasher uses less water and cleans more efficiently than washing by hand.

  • Run the dishwasher at night when cooler temperatures will give the dishwasher time to cool down by the warmer morning.

  • Let your dishes air dry rather than heat dry.

Do Sump

Spring rain cause potential flooding in basements and crawl spaces. If you have a sump pump:

  • Periodic inspections should be part of your regular home maintenance schedule.

  • Check to see if your pump is operational by gently lifting the float slightly. If you pump turns on, it is operational. If not, get it checked by a qualified plumber.

  • If your pump runs on electricity look into a battery-operated back-up system. It may cost a bit up front, but could save thousands of dollars in water damage during a storm that causes a power outage.

If you don’t have a sump pump and your home is at risk of flooding, consult with a plumber in your area to see about getting one installed.

Avoid A Summer Plumbing Slump

An inspection of your home by a qualified plumber is a great way to check the overall health of plumbing that will get an extra workout during the summer.

  • Drips in spigots and faucets cost money. Even a small drip can add up to 50 gallons of water a week! Replace faucets with newer, more efficient hardware. A local plumber who  recommend many great options.

  • Your washing machine will work overtime if you have an active family that enjoys watersports and swimming. Check hoses, connections, and the wastewater drain to make sure everything is working properly.

  • Sprinkler lines and heads should be inspected at the beginning of the season. Look for leaks draining into your foundation, water pooling, or other signs of leaks that need repairs.

  • Slow drains could signal a serious issue. Get your drains and pipes cleaned regularly. This is the best way to head off any bigger problems down the line.

  • Your sewer pipe drains wastewater away from your home, and should be inspected regularly. An inspection will show you exactly what is going on. Common problems with sewer pipes include:

    • Tree roots encroaching.

    • Blockages.

    • Cracks and leaks.

Don’t let plumbing problems derail your summer fun. Call a plumber for a home inspection and get your summer plumbing healthy. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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