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Don’t Let Plumbing Take the Sizzle from Your Fireworks

Independence Day celebrations are full of food, fireworks and water play. The last thing you need during all the festivities is a plumbing problem. By following the plumbing tips below, you can easily prevent adding an extra visitor to your home during your celebration.

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Garbage disposals have limits.

Fibrous foods like lettuce and onion peels are difficult for the garbage disposal to handle. Avoid placing them, pasta, coffee grounds and other bulky things into the disposal. Also, running the water for a full minute will help dissolve any grease that could congeal and cause an issue.

Deal with a broken ice maker.

A broken ice maker can be the result of an appliance issue or a plumbing issue. Check to make sure the tubing is free of any ice particles and the water is flowing freely through the tubes. Stock up on a few extra bags of ice in case something does go wrong.

Overflowing toilets ruin the mood.

Extra food and extra guests can put too much strain on your toilet. The first thing to keep in mind if the toilet clogs is don’t try to flush it. Turn off the water flow to the tank and use your plunger to attempt to clear any clogs. Then, pour hot water down to help push the clog through the system. Once you feel confident that the water is flowing freely again, turn the water back on and try flushing.

Don’t get stuck with a cold shower.

Hot water tanks only hold so much water at a time. With extra guests, set up a schedule that allows for at least fifteen minutes between showers so that the tank has time to refill between showers. You might want to replace tanks that are older than ten years as they may not be able to handle the extra work.

Don’t forget the gas can influence plumbing.

Test any gas grills and other appliances that will be hooked up to your house gas line. Plumbing tips often forget to include this precaution. Many hot water tanks are gas and if the gas lines are incapable of handling the extra load you could lose your hot water. At least a week before the festivities, do a test run to make sure all is well.

Remember, even with all these plumbing tips, things can go wrong. If you have a plumbing emergency, don’t panic. Fenwick Home Services has you covered and will gladly be available to put the sizzle back in your celebration, and the water running through your pipes!