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Avoiding the Most Common Plumbing Mistakes

Avoiding the Most Common Plumbing Mistakes

If you are handy with tools, you might try to attempt tackling some of the easier plumbing repairs in your home to save money. However, before attempting a repair, you should be aware of common mistakes many do-it-yourselfers make that could leave you with a costly plumbing bill. Here are some of the most common plumbing mistakes homeowners often make that you should avoid.

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Using Dangerous Chemicals to Clear Clogs

One of the most common plumbing mistakes that you can make when trying to clear a clog in your sink or toilet is to automatically use a chemical drain cleaner. These over-the-counter products are made from dangerous chemicals that are caustic, or oxidize during use. They can burn your skin and present a danger to children and pets if they were to access it. Because these chemicals generate heat, they can damage your pipes if not used correctly. And if the cleaner does not clear away your clog or if you frequently need to use it, the clean can weaken your pipes. Your best bet to clear a clog is to avoid using chemical drain cleaners and use a plunger and snake to safely clear clogs.

Forgetting to Turn Water Off During Repair

When you are wrapped up in trying to repair a leak or replace a plumbing fixture, it can be easy to forget to turn the water off from the main valve in your home. Forgetting to turn the water off could cause water damage to your home that could quickly turn a simple repair in a major catastrophe from water, mold and mildew damage. Make sure to turn off the water supply and before attempting any plumbing repair, turn on a faucet to be sure it is off.

Failing to Flush Lines When Installing New Fixtures

It is easy to forget to flush your open water supply lines when installing a new fixture. Rust, scale and other built-up debris can break loose from your pipes while removing the existing fixture. If the lines are not flushed before installing the new fixture, you risk clogging or damaging the new fixture.

Leaving Power on While Installing Water Heater

There are a couple of common plumbing mistakes that are associated with repairing or installing a new water heater. The biggest one is not turning power off to the water heater. Electricity and water do not mix and with 220 live volts of electricity, you are at risk of severe injury or death. Do not forget to fill the tank before turning the water back on because not doing so can cause the heating element to burn out. When filling, make sure to open the pressure release valve to allow any trapped air inside the tank to get out.

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