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The Transitions Toilet Seat

The Transitions Toilet Seat

The most important seat in your home is your toilet seat.  When choosing one, it is helpful to think long-term, seeing as you will most likely be using that seat for years to come. The Transitions toilet seat gives you two seats for the price of one. How? The toilet is designed to accommodate both adults and children, giving you the luxury of not having to purchase a separate toilet seat for your little ones.

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The Transitions toilet seat is perfect for children potty training and has a variety of useful features, including:

  • Grip-Tight bumpers which prevents the seat from shifting and adds stability.
  • Quiet-Close technology which stops the lid from slamming shut.
  • Quick-Release hardware which makes seat removal a breeze for a detailed cleaning.
  • Quick-Attach hardware for easy installation.

Features of the Transitions toilet seat

The Transitions toilet seat also offers the option of adding a nightlight to make it easier to find in the dark. The nightlight has two brightness settings and includes a task light that lights up the entire bowl. The bowl will stay illuminated for 7 hours, making it easier to navigate the bathroom during all hours of the night.

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