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Common Codes on Your Tankless Water Heater


When installing a new tankless water heater Jacksonville FL residents often choose Rinnai brand products. With so many choices in different price ranges and a wide variety of performance options to think about throughout the process of choosing a new tankless water heater, Jacksonville FL residents may best be served by working with a local plumbing contractor.

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An experienced local contractor can help you find the best products and design an efficient system for your home and your family’s unique needs. Proper installation by an experienced and authorized technician is also essential to getting the best performance and energy efficiency from your new equipment.

Tankless water heaters have come a long way in recent years.  Many current models have developed systems to where they self-diagnose when problems occur, and the error messages they show may allow the homeowner to address the problem with some simple and minor adjustments.

Often when an error code occurs on their tankless water heater Jacksonville FL homeowners will come across the same common messages. Error codes and messages vary with different manufacturers-below we discuss some of the more common codes on Rinnai systems. We offer a few tips on fixing some of the simpler issues, and point out when it may be time to call on a local expert for professional assistance.

Error Code 10

An error code 10 indicates an air supply blockage or exhaust blockage on the unit. The first thing to check on is the flue inlet and exhaust and to make sure nothing is obstructing those areas. Then verify that proper venting materials were used, sized correctly and installed properly.

This step may be the time to call a local plumbing contractor for assistance. The condensation collar should then be checked for proper installation and the area around the fan, and all of the vent connections should be double-checked as well. The dip switches should also be inspected to verify they are set correctly. A failure or blockage anywhere around the fan or along the intake, venting and exhaust systems could cause this error message.

Error Code 12

An error code 12 references a flame failure.  Flame failures may occur for many different reasons. As a homeowner receiving this error code, you can check a few basic things, but may need to consult a professional technician to diagnose the issue and perform a water heater repair project.

The first thing to do is ensure that the gas is turned on both for the water heater and also at your gas meter. If accessible, you can inspect the flue outlet for any blockage or obstruction. If the gas is on and there are no obstructions to the flue outlet, the next step is to ensure that the gas line and meter/regulator system is sized, set and pressurized properly, and using the correct gas for the appliance.

An authorized Rinnai technician would then verify that the correct venting materials were used and installed correctly, along with the proper condensation collar. Once they verify these details, the technician would make sure the dip switches are set correctly and that the equipment is grounded properly.

The next step is getting into the electronics, the power supply, the PC board and the solenoid valves so at this point we must clearly recommend bringing in a professional Rinnai authorized service provider as they will be able to properly assess the situation and also apply any warranty coverage that may be available to you through the manufacturer.

Error Code 14

The error code 14 means that there is an issue with the thermal fuse.  A possible cause for this error message is that the wrong gas is being used in the unit.  Any restrictions or blockage to the air flow of the appliance, or foreign objects/material in the combustion chamber or exhaust piping could also generate this error. The heat exchanger should be checked for hot spots (could indicate blockage due to scaling) and also inspected for any cracks or separation. You may also flush the heat exchanger (directions for this process should be found in your owner’s manual).

The next steps get a little trickier as you need to verify the resistance of the safety circuit and then inspect the high fire and low fire manifold pressures. An authorized Rinnai technician may also be able to tell if any conversions or modifications were done to the unit which could be causing this error message to surface.

If you have an error code that you cannot address on your tankless water heater Jacksonville Fl plumbing contractor- Fenwick Home Services can help diagnose and address your concerns. We offer plumbing repair and installation services such as backflow testing, sewer line repair, garbage disposal installation, and water line installation in Jacksonville, Florida and other locations. Serving the same community for almost 50 years has given these experts a wealth of experience servicing tankless water heater.

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