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Done In a Weekend Bathroom Refreshes

Done In a Weekend Bathroom Refreshes

The bathroom provides the perfect opportunity for a remodeling project that can be completed over just one weekend and with very exciting results. Many people avoid changing their bathroom because they worry that it will be too time consuming or expensive, but in reality, there are plenty of great ways to refresh these important rooms that refresh you.

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Give Your Bathroom a New Theme

Giving your bathroom a theme does not necessarily mean choosing a tacky theme that you would use in a child’s bathroom. A theme is a unified feeling that you want your bathroom to emote. The best themes, fortunately, tend to be the simplest and easiest to convey. This is because people generally like their bathroom to be soothing and comforting, which is more easily accomplished with uncluttered decorating techniques.

When choosing a theme, it is best to look at the elements in the bathroom that would be difficult to change, such as the tile, and choose a theme that would compliment that feature. For example, if you have blue tile, you could implement a peaceful coastal theme. Other popular themes include country cottage, beach, and floral themes. Over the weekend, you can paint, re-wallpaper, or make simple changes to accessories and fixtures to implement your new theme in the bathroom.

Add Modern Touches

The bathrooms that are in the biggest need of refreshment are often those that are vastly outdated. The bathroom could be outdated because of old lighting fixtures, faucets, color, or a number of other reasons. Fortunately, it is very possible to change multiple small details over the course of just one weekend in order to bring your bathroom up to speed.

For example, you can easily update your vanity by adding modern lighting fixtures and replacing old outdated hardware, such as handles and hinges. In the shower, you can make a major difference by replacing cloth shower curtains with a sliding glass panel, or replace your existing showerhead and fixtures with an overhead rain showerhead and a contemporary shower panel equipped with modern accessories and controls.

Brighten the Room

A great way to completely transform your bathroom over just the course of a day or two is to lighten the space. If you have a dark vanity or dark walls, you can give your bathroom a completely new look and feel with the help of a coat of fresh paint, new wallpaper, or easily installed wall panels. Light and neutral colors are not only a popular trend in bathrooms now, but they help make your bathroom feel open, airy, comfortable and clean.

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