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Five Things to Consider Before Doing a Remodel

Five Things to Consider Before Doing a Remodel

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We here at Fenwick Home Services want to give you a little assistance when you decide to remodel your bathroom. These five categories are just a guide to tell you what concerns are priorities. They don’t necessarily come in the order of importance. In fact, most of these issues are an ongoing concern through the whole process. Need more help? Contact us today!

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1. Budget

A bathroom remodel is always about looks. Yet, the purpose of the new bathroom is the primary driver of cost. For the bathroom of a fancy restaurant, it will cost more than that on one for a resale house or apartment rental. Decide what you need and how creative you want to be. When that is decided, make sure that all of the elements of the design are consistent. Thirty-dollar faucets in an otherwise ornate bathroom will look as out of place as a new granite countertop on a beat up old cabinet.

2. Permits

In a remodel situation, you can assume that there will have to be a permit. This is because of constant updating of plumbing codes concerning everything from pipe vents and air circulation, to water flow and accessibility for disabled persons.

3. Size and space

Get your square footage, your shower or bath size, your toilet space and your vanity cabinet size. Make sure you measure evenly under the sink to both sides of the plumbing and be sure to account for an off center situation. Take note of your clearance under the door. This will determine how much room you have to add flooring or replace the old stuff with something taller. Different materials will require different amounts of overage when you buy materials. Tile usually needs 10% over. Other items can be bought to the exact amount.

4. What you want

Are you going with a vinyl floor? Or tile? What kinds of shower are putting in? Are you going to use low flow heads and faucets? Are you going to replace lights and fans and electrical outlets? How about toilet paper holders, paper towel holders, mirrors and trash cans?

5. Your contractor

When assessing the best contractor for your job, the old fashioned methods are still the best. Look for a proven track record, and references from satisfied customers. Look at their commitment to professionalism and their standing in the community. As always your contractor should be licensed, bonded and insured so that your interests are protected and you’re in compliance with state law. Choose Fenwick Home Services in Jacksonville, Florida, to ensure you get the bathroom remodeling project handled to your satisfaction.

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