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Family-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas from Fenwick Home Services


Creating a family-friendly kitchen is less about trends and more about creating a kitchen that is practical and functional. If your family tends to cook together, eat together, or you are teaching your children to make their own snacks or lunches, a family-driven kitchen is just what you need. Before making a blueprint of everything that will be taken out, installed, moved and replaced, first be sure to check all of the heating and air conditioning vents, pipes and water, including the hot water tank. If there are any issues with any of your plumbing inside the home, take care of these issues before anything else.

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If you need help or have no idea how to fix plumbing issues, we suggest looking for an experienced plumbing company like Fenwick Home Services in Jacksonville FL to take care of all of your needs and issues.  Once you figure out the details, you can move on to creating and remodeling your family-friendly kitchen! Here are a few family-friendly kitchen ideas to get you started.

Easy-to-Clean Counters and Surfaces: No matter how much you try to make your kids be efficient and organized, they are still children, nonetheless. If you want to take the headache out of cleaning the kitchen, appliances, counters and other items, make sure that you install things that are easy to clean. For example, a hard, even and non-porous countertop, like marble, is very easy to clean and take care of. Look for refrigerators, stoves, ovens and dishwashers that do not leave little fingerprints. A good option is a brushed stainless steel material. It still gives you a nice look, but fingerprints tend to be less of an issue.

Accessible Pantries: Storage always tends to be an issue when it comes to a family-friendly kitchen. Instead of having pantries that are all high up, why not do one main walk in pantry with shelves that are medium, low and high. That way, the little ones can still find what they need, but you can also still hide goodies away from them on the high shelves! The walk-in pantry is also a good option because it’s a nice idea for a family with both adults, teens and children. Everyone can use the walk-in pantry and everyone is able to access to the pantry and its shelves.

Dual Sinks: If you want a regular-sized sink as well as something for your kids to do their own dishes in, you have two options. You can either use a regular height sink or install a pull out stepping stool or a standalone stool. Or, you can actually buy a regular sink for adults and teens and those with a height advantage and somewhere else in the kitchen, install a smaller and lower sink for your kids. This is a great idea for parents trying to teach kids to be responsible and how to clean up after cooking. Just make sure that before you tear anything out, call Fenwick Home Services Jacksonville FL out to your home!

Different Levels: Just like with the sinks, you should also consider making different levels of countertop space for you and your kids. Even if it’s a separate area next to the regular counter space, it still gives your kids a chance to cook right along with you–even if it’s just for fun using modeling clay and a plastic knife!

Other Practical Ideas:

– Floor surfaces like porcelain tiles that are easy to clean

– A family eating area with room for everyone in the family

– Different sizes of sinks with faucets

– Storage bins accessible to the entire family for pet items like pet food, baggies, collars and leashes