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Installing a Faucet Aerator Could Save You Money


Learn what a faucet aerator is and how it can benefit your home! One small investment has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars!

Did you know, that according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2012, the average household in the United States is going to spend roughly $500.00 on water and sewer bills each year? If you could cut that amount by $170.00 each year, would you be interested? Of course, you would! Now is the time to call your plumber and discuss the possibility of installing a faucet aerator in your home!

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According to the same report issued by the EPA, approximately 32% of water usage in each household comes from taking showers and baths. The amount can increase, depending upon whether or not you have old or leaky faucets and water fixtures in your home. Because these fixtures are not efficient, they are actually costing you a considerable amount of money each year. The ideal solution would be to replace all of the faucets and fixtures in your home with high efficiency models. However, not every homeowner is going to be able to afford to do so.

A viable option would be to install a faucet aerator or showerhead aerator in each of your faucets and showers. Aerators are a fairly inexpensive investment, and it will not cost much money to have your plumber install them in your home. Essentially, these appliances are designed to add air to your water stream, which adds the illusion that your showerhead or faucet is producing more water, when it is actually using less! In addition to being simple to install, these aerators will also assist in reducing splashing and will also, in some situations, increase your water pressure. This is a great thing if you live in an area where the water tends to be soft.

This is a simple fix, but it can reduce your total water bill by nearly 30% each year! You will definitely notice the savings the next time your water bill comes in.

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